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what I do not like about ancient India

Updated on June 26, 2010

Yesterday, I was reading some blogs about Indian history mentioning about prosperity and wealth of the country and the culture and traditions of the people lived on this sacred place. Ancient Indian culture reflects the moral and human values like honesty and kindness. I feel proud about it. but there are some things that I can not fathom or like the way they were or the way the things were done. Here are some of the examples.

1) India has a remarkable history and culture than any other country in the world that it existed and grew as a union of various cultures at a time. The country existed like a group of kingdoms with no feeling of nationality. So, when there was foreign intrusion, Indian kings didn't consider it as an attack on the mother land until they invaded their own kingdom. These kings never worked as a union and sometimes they helped the intruders to take revenge on the other king. Though every Indian king ( called Rajaputhra's) was powerful enough to with army of any strengh, the lack of unity gave the intruders a big chance of winning.

An example of this can be given about Alexander who tried to invade the country in around 300 BC. He invaded India,despite the warnings from his commander Selucus that it is not easy to win over India. He sought the help of an Indian king called Ambi to win over another King named Porus. In the war, Alexander was defeated by Porus.But Porus left him as he had given word to Alexander wife/fience (not sure of this person). This part of history is completely misled which is given as Alexander defeated Porus. But this is not true, it is actually in the other way around.

An Indian freedom figher Bipin Chandrapal had given a statement in the early years of 1900 which very well about India "Our Indian language does not have any corresponding word for what is called as nation in English".

2) I read history that many ppl invaded India but didn't find even a single Indian king to invade another country. They always fought within themselves and never tried to go out.

3) One important thing that I really hate is about kindness and generosity of Indian kings. It is good to show them on the people of the country but not on the enemies.

Ghajini Mahmood had failed 17 times in his attempt to invade India and succeeded 18th time. He killed the ppl and kings without showing any mercy. Why india was unable to do it when they defeated him. they could have done it atleast in his 4 or 5th attempt. They wouldnt have given a chance to him. Their kindness had turned against them.


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