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What has Men Learnt from History?

Updated on April 2, 2017

I read a hub that suggested American president, Barrack Obama, is an anti-Christ. The author made some points but the main point that led to his conclusion is that Obama said, “We are all children of God, no matter the religion.” The author who claimed he is a Christian felt it is wrong for the president to make such a comment and as such he is not a true Christian. Therefore, he linked Obama to anti-Christ.

It is possible to see many Christians that share similar views, and it is also possible to see other articles written on such matter.

The understanding in this matter is that the author believes that only Christians can, rightly, be called “the children of God.” Many Christians do have similar views but unfortunately, those of other religions also see themselves as the only children of God. Maybe only a few religious sect can teach or say “we are all children of God, no matter the religion.” This article is not meant for a debate or to ascertain those we can truly call “The Children of God” because the argument has been on for a long time in diverse ways that even divisions exist among religions and within the same religion. It is because of such division that each sect try to preach or teach why they are more acceptable based on their personal proves and facts (it may be a good news that some Christians now teach and preach Christian unity).

It is because of such articles and the recent political revolution in some Arab countries that made me ask, what has men learn from history? History has a lot to teach humanity yet it seems men never learn from history, even from their own struggles and pains. Those politicians that ruled their country as if they own the country and deny their citizens the right to decide the leader they want fail to learn from history. Consequently, they do not know that history has recorded that people, normally, cried out or even struggled at a stage, against what they see as an injustice. They would have saved themselves from the shame and the world from the disturbance if the learnt from history. They would have made justice, fairness, equity, peace, and love the foundation of their leadership if they learnt from history. This is because people will never cry if such virtues are put in place, yet man is most often so selfish that he deny others such virtues which he would want others to give to him. Today, they are parts of history because history, itself, would not fail to record the current events that are happening around the world.

It is for the same reason that the religious men and women fail to learn from history, even from their own history, the history of their rejections, pains, sufferings, persecutions, and killings. Virtually, all religion witnessed pains, and rejections at a stage in their history yet they never learn from it and prevent other religions from witnessing similar rejections, and pains. At this time the words of Martin, a Germany protestant leaders, comes to mind. He said, while Hitler was persecuting, first the Jews, then the communist, and later the Catholics, he did not bother or felt concern because it was not his right that was threatened, so he felt safe. But when it was the Protestants turn to face similar persecution, he looked around for help but there was nobody to help because he did not stand to protect the rights of others.

It is only recently, in human history, that men have learnt to create a global society where people can stand for one another in order to help create a more peaceful and united world (at least men learnt this from history after the events of the Second World War). Yet, some religious, and political desires seem to unwittingly try to deny man such peace which they learnt its need from history.

How can a religious man condemn a man that said, live and let’s live? Obama said so when he said, we are all children of God, yet some people condemn him. His comment simply means “hold your belief and let others holder their belief and let us no longer fight over our differences”. But it seems some people insist on the old ways. It was because of the desire to show that a religious belief is wrong that led to persecutions, and killings of Christians and even others were persecuted when the church had the power.

The point is that each religion claims to have a truth to teach but let us not teach such truth by making hate speeches and judging others in a way that would create enmity among us. Man can learn to preach and teach in an honourable way, and those who are destined to believe in their teachings will surely believe. Let us learn from history because virtually all religion cried and called for justice and equity. Now that you have got the liberty you called and prayed for, is it right for you to deny others the same liberty because you do not believe in their doctrine?

Let us remember that those who denied us such liberty, at first, did so because they did not believe in our doctrine, only then can we successful end these circle of events.

The political leaders should learn a similar lesson and understand the true meaning of justice, and equity. Consequently, they should allow the people to decide who and what they want.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      It is possible that you do not have a political interest and there is no problem about that.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Actually to be honest, I give absolutely no attention to this man or any other politician or leader of any country.

    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      It takes courage and unselfishness to give equity to all. I am glad to hear your comment, it shows that some people are awake, and you are one of them. King David, in the Bible, was a man after God’s own heart. Do you know why? I realized that he was not selfish, he always regrets his mistakes. I wept and wonder the kind of a man he was when I read the part of the bible, he told God to punish him in the place of the Israelite because it was his mistake that led to God’s anger. We need such people to create a better world. For instance Lincoln had nothing to loss by allowing slavery. I mean he could use them to the fullest as the president but he said no! We are all equal. Thanks once again

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      I totally agree with you David. President Obama was simply trying to give a message of harmony, unity, and tolerance. Religious zealots tend to see their religion as the one true faith and all others are heathens. Zealots of all stripes and types are dangerous because you cannot reason with them. This is the source of most wars and strife throughout the history of this world. Awesome and insightful Hub.