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What is Terrorism and Why terrorism

Updated on July 26, 2014

What is terrorism?

The action of terror, violence, fear and injustice has crammed the history with the human civilization. This is a question which cannot be answered or defined in a precise term or manner. The calculated use of violence to attain goals for which the main aim and meaning is to create dread can be the best possible explanation.


The word Terror comes from the Latin word ‘terrere’, which means “frighten” or “shudder.” It was coined during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror. Terrorism is considered more than war, torture or murder. There is no universally agreed definition but in a nutshell it can be said as violence to generate fear, political religious or ideological reasons socially constructed meaning. Terrorism engages a criminal act that is often emblematic in nature and projected to influence and audience ahead of the immediate victims. The major aim of terrorists is to place disorganization into the civilization and show that the humankind is weak.

What motivates them?

Religious inclination of intense nature estranges people from their society thus such individuals develop and build up the separatist ideology, which motivates them to become terrorists.

Faithfulness to one’s nation and believe in the national civilization and concern bring about the sentiment that other nations are not superior. They aim to share the professed nationality through all conceivable which includes terrorism.

Manipulations of Ideology may activate and generate discriminatory acts of violence, and then considered to be terrorism.

With an aim of achieving political aims, they create fright in the minds of public through this medium of terrorism.

What type of target is selected is the best reflection of their inspiration, their aim and the ideology. If the target is authority of a higher representation then it is a political motivation. If the target is direct public or state then it may be secular motivations and reasons. Similarly if the target becomes representative entity, one who is related with economic abuse, social injustice, or political suppression, then it is done for economic related issues.

Whatever the symbolism is used, one thing can be said in particular that there is great amount of physical destruction.

Why terrorism?

What is the main purpose of attaining this kind of medium can be generalized to some points such as

  • To produce extensive terror
  • To acquire worldwide, national, or local identification for their foundation by attracting the attention of everyone
  • To weaken the government and make them appear repressive
  • To daunt foreign funds and investments, tourism, or foreign treaties that can involve the target country’s economy and sustain of the government in power
  • To show the decisions of government are wrong
  • To show that the targeted government is weak and are less powerful against them
  • To spread the operations of the group
  • “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”, thus they want to establish themselves in local population to begin with their motives.

They are surely looking for an identity prima facie. What they think they deserve is not given to them that is the sense of equality. In the fight of sustaining and being equal, they think they are left outs one and thus they pick up different means to show the vice versa.

Terrorists locate people not only with a sense of meaning, but also with a sense of belonging, connectedness and attachment. By these recruitments, their work becomes easier to do and achieve. Vulnerability also plays a vital role and people who are the most susceptible are made to opt this mode. Vengeance is what they seek and is the most powerful driving factor is going through the mode of terrorism. It is a fanatical drive which makes one powerful.

Much can be said but instead much has to be done. There are no specific answers to this problem prevalent in our near society but what we need is what we have always needed and trusted upon the so called laws and regulations which may help us and them and all can live a fruitful life.


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