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what is climate change

Updated on January 3, 2013

Climate change and effects

We take various elements from the nature for our use. We also behave rudely to the nature. It has destroyed the balance of the nature. The elements of the nature are limited; most of the time we forget it. However, unplanned urbanization and industrialization has affected the word environment enormously. The enormous pollution of the environment is the most significant cause of the change of the world climate. Bangladesh is also under the threat of it.

Causes of climate change: The climate is changing mostly for the greenhouse effect. The balance of environment is breaking down for increasing the average temperature due to the greenhouse effect.

Threats of Bangladesh for the change of the world climate: According to the observation of the IPCC. The average temperature of Bangladesh has increased from 0.2 to 1 degree Celsius. Bangladesh is under the great threat because it is in the Asian region.

The probable threats to Bangladesh for global warming are:

  1. Natural disaster will increase: Flood, cyclone, high tide, etc will be increased due to the change of the climate. It will damage our assets and lives massively specially in our coastal areas.
  2. Costal areas and low lands will go under water: According to the opinion of the IPCC. The sea –level of the Bay if Bengal will be increase about one meter by this century. Rain fall will increase abruptly in the rainy areas for the change of the climate. So the global warming is increasing the threat for our costal areas and low land.
  3. Desertification of the dray areas: On the one hand, global warming will increase the rainfall in the rainy areas and on the other hand, it will stop the rainfall in the dry areas. So the desertification will happen in some areas of our country for the change of the climate.
  4. Production of agricultural products will decrease: The average temperature of Bangladesh will be increased up to 2 degree Celsius by the year 2050. It will reduce the production of rice up to 10% and wheat up to 30% due to the shortage of the water for irrigation.
  5. Fishery and forest will be destroyed: The temperature and the salinity of the sea water are increasing for changing the climate. It will spoil the fishes of the sea and the mangrove trees and plants of the forest.

What should Bangladesh do: Bangladesh is under the great threat of the global warming? Change of climate is affecting greatly the Asian countries Bangladesh, however, should take the following precautions for facing the challenges of the global warming:

  1. To stop use of the CFC and other greenhouse gases.
  2. To stop the use of fire woods and bio-fuels.
  3. To expand the programs of planting trees all over the country, especially in the coastal areas.
  4. To monitor the behaviors of the world climate and taking decisions accordingly.
  5. To increase the public awareness about protecting the environment.

We should prepare the effective and sustainable policies and strategies for facing the challenges of the climate change. It is our duty to remove the imbalance of the nature.


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