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What Makes Serialkiller Jeffrey Dahmer Different?

Updated on December 29, 2020
Kadeegrace profile image

Kadee Grace is a ghostwriter/freelancer and author. She has written hundreds of novels and novellas for clients in many genres.

Jeffrey Dahmer was different and I would like to show why

Besides the fact that he was a cannibal, I believe that he also stood out in other ways. Below I will share a link to some of his quotes that has been shared with the public. That is one idea that shows he is different. I read somewhere that Dahmer was not allowed to be touched when he was a baby. It is said that his mother barely touched him; except to change his diapers and to feed him. She did not allow anyone to hold him or touch him, due to the fact that she was so afraid of germs.

By the time he was four years old, he had a major surgery to remove a double-hernia. It is said that this event in his life scarred him so bad; mentally and emotionally that he forever changed after that. He was not explained what was happening and did not understand. We might say that he was just four years old; what could they explain? Let us look at it differently. If his mother had not allowed him to be touched much in his past, it is clear he was not receiving the affection he needed to connect in the first place. Perhaps Dahmer (as a small child) did not receive the loving and caring affection he had needed early on. So, if a child that has been neglected in this way is about to have surgery; we could see how that whole experience might have sent him into a spiral of mixed emotions about anyone that should have loved him. It is true that a four year old may not be able to understand the terminology of the whole thing. But, they certainly can feel the trusting support of the people that are close to them in their lives. Perhaps Dahmer was missing this.

Check out this site and the quotes they share about Dahmer!

Here is a site I came across that shows Dahmer's quotes. Read them to better understand this serial killer and ways in which I find him different than all other killers. All credit to that link goes to the writers. I just would like to share it with you here.

all credit goes to the above owners of this pic of Dahmer
all credit goes to the above owners of this pic of Dahmer | Source

Facts About Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960 to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to many reports, Dahmer was a happy and energetic child up until the young age of four. At that age, he experienced a double-hernia surgery. It is believed that after that trauma in his life, he was never the same child. Others have reported that it is believed that his parent's divorce had left him so scarred, that it changed him forever. Regardless, it seems that either of these life events might have played a huge role.

It has been reported that his mother had a very hard pregnancy while she carried the Dahmer child and that she had some mental health issues as well. She was on very many medications while she carried the child inside her, and it is believed some of the drugs were hormonal drugs and anti-depressants. Do we wonder about what they may have done to the child within?

It has also been reported that Joyce, his mother, had big issues with germs, and she would not allow anyone to touch or hold the new-born Dahmer. It is said that she too, did not hold him or touch him unless he needed changed or fed. By studies that have been done on senses and deprivation, they have found a lot of very disheartening facts about babies and how that affects them. Every person needs touch and compassion to be able to grow up normally.

He became very withdrawn after his surgery and even more so after his parents divorce. When his younger brother was born, Jeffrey withdrew even more and we can only imagine and wonder why. Between all the things mentioned and the fact that the family moved around all the time, it is easy to understand how the young Dahmer may not have been able to trust and grow into a healthy minded individual.

By his early teen years, he grew very tense and was left with no friends that he could relate with and to. This would leave him to himself and any dark feelings that might have begun. Dahmer admitted that he recalled that a darkness and his compulsions entered him at around the age of fourteen.

One striking interview that I came across in my research was the Inside Edition with Nancy Glass that actually interviewed Dahmer in February of 1993. The video I watched was a very interesting interview and one is able to catch a close-up glance of what is inside Dahmer. I will provide a link to that same video for your viewing.

Nancy Glass asked Dahmer some very personal and tough questions and in the video you can see Dahmer as he answers each one. He does not avoid any question that she asks and he comes across as a very intelligent man. One can argue the fact all day long if Dahmer was brought to any kind of remorse, but he made many statements for you to decide that for yourself. Can a person be sorrowful for their actions when those actions were as brutal as his? In the video of the interview, Dahmer claimed that "he de-sensitized himself".

Nancy Glass asked him what it is he was wanting from his victims. His answer was, "I had these obsessive desires and thoughts in wanting to control them. To uh...I don't know how to put it; possess them permanently."

When asked if that was why he killed them, he first said "Right, right". He then added, "Not because I hated them and not because I was angry with them, but because I wanted to keep them with me. And, as my obsession grew, I was saving body parts."

We do know that inside Dahmer's apartment, skulls, skeletons, jars filled with genitalia, heads and other body parts were found in a refrigerator and a freezer and sitting on shelves. It seems clear that he wanted to keep them with him. I guess we ask why? That, I believe goes back to his childhood and the lack of touch and perhaps the lack of necessary love. He has made many comments in his interviews about wanting his victims to stay with him and that he picked them out because of their physical beauty. As sick as that is to us, we still can allow ourselves to try to understand why to the hard questions about Dahmer.

How did a young child from what looked like a middle class and hard working family turn into where he ended up?

According to Dahmer himself:

"It's a process that doesn't happen overnight. When you de-personalize another person and view them as just an object, an object for your own pleasure; instead of a living, breathing human being; it seems to make it easier to do the things you shouldn't do." That was his own quote in that interview with Nancy Glass. Spoken like a person that is not insane. Glass herself said that he was intelligent and articulate. This is how he drew his victims in.

Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killer’s Chilling Jailhouse Interview

The Interview with Jeffrey Dahmer by Nancy Glass

This is the video where Nancy Glass interviews Dahmer. If you take the time to watch the video and really listen to his answers, it does provide a deeper understanding what may have went wrong in his mind and life.

"Just wasn't an opportunity to fully express what I wanted to do."

Dahmer, in his interview; was asked by Glass how he went for nine years without killing? His answer was short and to the point. Here we see him in brutal honesty that makes our hair stand up on our necks. The word I found most interesting that he used was to "fully" express what he wanted to do. Dahmer could have killed. He most certainly could have in this time period that Glass was talking about.

After Dahmer graduated, he killed his first victim. Steven Hicks was an 18 year old hitchhiker. Dahmer said that he had had fantasies about picking up a hitchhiker and taking him home to have full control over. Daher did just that. There at his parents home, he strangled the young man with a barbell, dismembered his body and hid it in a drainage pipe. This was expressing himself. Of course he was not found out and he himself said that "No one had a clue as to what was happening for over a decade."

After that his father insisted that Dahmer join the Army. He did and was sent out to Germany. But, because of his drinking problem, he was discharged after a couple years.

Nine years later is when he began killing again. When his answer was that he "just did not have the opportunity to fully express what he wanted to do", I believe this is what he meant. He could have killed while he was in the Army. But, could he have went further and fully expressed his true desires? I seriously doubt it when that desire is the torture and the dismembering the body and hiding it. That might have been tough. We wonder how he kept his fantasies under control for nine years? That had to be because he was intelligent. He didn't want to just rape, or just kill. He wanted to express himself through dismembering his victims and keeping their body parts with him, so that he could still be close to them.

The Ambassador Hotel Kill

Dahmer said in his interview that he had no intentions of killing the victim at the hotel. He just wanted to take him home and spend the night with him. But the night exploded at one point and no one (Even Dahmer) knows how it came to be. He claimed that he awoke the next morning to find the victim lying on the bed covered in bruises and a broken rib. The man was dead. Dahmer said that "Evidently he had beaten the man to death with his fists." He had no memory of the kill. But, he was aware enough that he had to take the body out of the hotel, if he was going to keep it with him. He stuffed the body into a large suitcase and took him home. Try to imagine him walking through the lobby with a dead man in his suitcase. I can't.

He at that time was living at his grandmother's house because his father sent him there to live. He cut up the body and put it into garbage bags. He said it "was addictive" and he felt "nothing". He described it as "A surge of energy". And that he "didn't have to worry about their needs. Just got complete control."

As Dahmer may have not have been able to get his needs met as a child, he too passed that on in his thoughts about his victims.

Nancy Glass asked Dahmer why he took photographs of his victims. He said, "to remember their appearance and their physical beauty." That's a strange answer but possibly to Dahmer (as crazy as it may sound) his victims were the only thing that had beauty. In his life, those who loved him or were supposed to love him might not have ever shown interest and therefore he was blinded from their beauty.

Did he have regrets? Was he ever grossed out by his actions? Glass asked him this and he said that he had felt that, but his obsessions overpowered any repulsions he had.

Picture a Fourteen Year Old Boy Naked, Crying and Bleeding in the Street

Here's this fourteen year old. A neighbor sees the child in the street. He is naked and he is crying. She can see that he is bleeding. She calls the police to report it. When they arrive, they have him take them to the apartment. Standing there on the other side of that door is the man who had planned on killing this child. The very calm Dahmer speaks with the Police and convince them that the boy is a nineteen year old lover and they had a lover's spat. Here is the moment that the young boy was surely trusting that the Police would believe him and protect him. Instead they believed Dahmer and they left the boy in Dahmer's care. They believed the boy (Man) to be intoxicated. No one is judging the police here because we were not there and who knows how many calls they may get like this. But, they left the boy and walked away. I cannot even stand to imagine what went through that child's mind. Dahmer killed the young child after the Police left.

Perhaps after this incident, Dahmer was more careful and made sure that he did not choose a child after that. He claimed that his routine was going to gay bars, watching the strip shows and watching men. If he could not find a victim there, he would go to bath houses and there he would offer money or sex to someone. Then, he would take them home, drug them in their drinks and strangle them while they were out.

Even Dahmer himself knew that he was made up of evil. He said "I felt so helplessly evil and perverted." Why did he not seek help? I suppose one answer that might come from him would be that the evil took over any wishes he might have had about being rescued from such evil. So, he continued on.

Just a Thought About the Incident

How Do You Feel the Police Should Have Handled the Situation?

See results

Did Dahmer Hang Onto Those desires?

In the interview, Dahmer was asked if he would kill again if he was free? He answered a most scary reply. He said he believed he would. Was sure that he would.

Dahmer was not released; never to be free again. But he also said in his interview that "This has never been a case of trying to get free. I didn't ever want freedom. Frankly, I wanted death for myself."

He also said "It's hard to believe a human being could do what I have done, but I know I did it."

"I should have stayed with God. I tried and I failed, and created a holocaust."

"I wanted to find out just what it was that caused me to be so bad and evil."

"I do not blame the police, the courts or the probation system. I failed the system, it did not fail me."

"I take all the blame myself."

I read that Dahmer persuaded the authorities to allow him to go out into the population at the prison. I believe that Dahmer wanted to die. I believe that Dahmer always wanted to die, even as a small child. He admits to being the one at fault and he blames, not even his parents in his outcome. This is very different than most. Someone else is always to blame with killers. But here we see a serial killer get about as real with hardcore truth as it gets.

I believe that Jeffrey Dahmer was different than most killers. Yes, he killed and he killed many. I find it interesting that he was at least honest in his answers. It doesn't seem like he was one that was seeking fame. I believe that Dahmer was a product of a young life that went wrong somewhere and when there is no real help stepping in, how does a little life find their way? I am not feeling sorry for him. Don't get me wrong. But I believe it is our duty to try and understand these things, because there will always be another one take their place. Just like Ted Bundy said in his last interview...…"there will be others like me."

In Today's World of Casual Encounters

We look to the serial killer Dahmer and others like him for answers. People study them and interview them and we are able to see inside where there are secrets and hints and our answers. In today's societies we see so many different ways to meet up with strangers for a casual encounter of every kind imaginable. Can Dahmer's choices he made tell us something so very important, that it is a matter of life and death? I think so. Even Ted Bundy warned the world and yet, his words go unheard.

A little person needs love, stability and a clean household to be able to provide the world with a loving, stable and clean adult. When something goes wring in a child's life; whether it be known or unknown; how will they turn out?

With everyone enjoying the meet-ups on thousands of sites, have they ever thought twice about meeting up somewhere behind a closed door, or in some vehicle? Do they realize that there could always be another Ted Bundy or another Jeffrey Dahmer waiting for that right moment to express what they fully want?

In this article, it has clearly shown how quick things can go once you walk into a stranger's life. If you add to the meetup, that you will allow yourself to be bound in any way … can you guarantee that you won't be that next victim; wishing that you hadn't of answered that ad or that text?

Date Smart!

This article was written in hopes that we all will stop being careless with our lives. Stop our loved ones and friends from clicking on the first thing they see. Meet up with a stranger if you must.... but do it wisely. Have someone go with you. Nothing wrong with double-dating! Get some information on anyone that you plan to meet. My advice would be to date only those you know, have met and even then, it can be a mistake. What is good advice on meeting new people in your life? Maybe only you can answer that for yourself.


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