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How to be green

Updated on March 23, 2011

Choose Green

So in this day and age, everyone is trying their best to keep our environment clean. We all want to do our part and fix the damage we as a species have created. So what can you do to help the cause? You don't need to invent some fancy machine, add to the electric car hype, or be completely conscientiousness to the subject. Just put these simple tips into a daily practice and you can be doing your part to help the eco-system. . 


It's easy to forget to unplug things when we've become so accustomed to set it and forget it. Make sure you leave yourself reminders to do this before you leave for the day.

Turn the lights off in the room

I know that sounds pretty basic, but it can also extend beyond that as well. Consider this, turning off gadgets or appliances that aren't currently being used can not only save on your power bill, but it cuts down on the amount of energy it takes to power them. Causing fields to not have to work as hard to provide electricity to your home.

Turn off lights not being used.

Turn off appliances not being used (such as microwaves) make sure anything that draws a current is unplugged like cell phone chargers, some TV's. (if a light is on on the tv, it's using electricity) hot irons. It's a safe bet that if a gadget or appliance is displaying a light to indicate standby or the like, then it is using some kind of power to fuel that light.

make sure you're recycling

This includes trash and other materials around you. It's common knowledge to recycle your cans and plastic, but there are other ways to recycle as well. Take for instance a family project. You can take ordinary items that have lost its use and find a way to turn it into something else. It's artistic and green at the same time. Not to mention, it being a family project, it can bring about some bonding time as a family.

Working on a task or project as a family and team creates a strong sense of closeness. Everybody involved may feel a sense of accomplishment and value. Everybody may discover that they are particularly talented at a given role. A family that plays together, stays together!

Help out your community.

This is last, but not least in the bit.

Helping out your community, either by volunteering or by going alone, is a great way being green. Participated in city cleanups and rallies. Being a part of a team of people that dedicate a weekend or two a month to go street to street and clean up the garbage, is a great way to not only stay active, but help your earth to stay clean.

You can find groups around you usually by searching either your local directory or by doing a google search of your city.

Find a group that seems to fit your category and who's views and opinions are close to yours. If the group has a local meeting in a community building they attend, make sure you are also there for the meetings.

If not then make a phone call to whoever is over the group and let him/her know that you are interested in joining and helping.

So there you have it!

A few simple ways you can be green and do your part to help the earth. Being green and mindful of the earth shouldn't just be a trend in today's generation, but an ongoing state of mind and being. It should be our job to do the best we can to reverse the negative effects humanity has inflicted on this planet.

Hopefully with these few insights in mind, it will help you to take a step forward to helping the cause.


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