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Discrimination Against Women

Updated on January 5, 2015

Why Women Are Silenced

In a discussion with my daughter the conversation shifted to the way women are treated by men in this so called democratic society in which many of us live. When at school, quite a few years ago now, it was impossible for me to learn subjects like physics, chemistry and biology because it was not considered necessary for women to have that kind of knowledge. In order to go to University and study medicine the struggle to catch up to male colleagues trained in these subjects for several years was a handicap that was most unwelcome by me.

Although things have improved somewhat for the female students there is still the stigma against femininity that rides the waves of commerce and the halls of the academic world where successful people must be focused and where women can now be seen but rarely heard.

Women in berkers are expressing the reality of many who hide in the corridors of power because to be seen is to invite ridicule, name calling, and to be a target for male bullies who take great pleasure in putting women down. Instead of burning bras, a great movement in the 70's, maybe we should all take to wearing berkers to reflect the male domination of our sex and the refusal to allow women to emerge as an equal.

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Few Women Make it to the Top

In 2010 Australia got it's first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. Not that she was elected by the community but because she deposed the then PM, Kevin Rudd, who was not doing such a great job. From the word go she was in for it.

Having been a target of male bullying it was no surprise to see the spikes come out against her. The media is leading the charge with the leader of the Opposition provoking the onslaught at every opportunity. Rallies against her are frequent with signs like this one almost common. It is typical of male put down of women, They can't even call her a bitch in her own right but she has to be tagged to a man first. But things were about to get a lot worse.

The ABC television actually broadcast a series based on some weird concepts concerning her and her partner, Tim Matherson, to such an extent that it even included bedroom scenes with the couple making love on the floor under the Australian flag. It was meant as a comedy but my blood, for one, was boiling. How dare they do this to the Prime Minister of the country.

How Do You Think of Women?

Do men have the right to put women down for achieving high positions?

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What Brings About the Discrimination Against Women

In some parts of the world men see women as chattels or worse. Many are raped, abused, murdered while some are sold into slavery, given into marriage by fathers at a very young age and usually to much older men, while others are murdered by their own brothers or fathers in honor killings.

Recently we saw a young teenager in Pakistan who was shot in the head for promoting education for girls. Fortunately she survived but many don't. We also saw a young Indian female medical student raped by men on a bus until her organs were damaged so badly that she died a few days later from her injury. These things are repeated hundreds of times while the men usually get off scot free. Women may be made to pay the penalty for rape by being executed in an honor killing or by the government on some other charge,

Women in these situations are despised by their communities that allow and often demand these things to happen. It demonstrates a general lack of understanding and education among those who carry out such acts. It also demonstrates the role religions play in standing by and allowing such atrocious acts to happen.

If a woman is targeted it does not take much for the rest of the society to scream out for her blood.

Australia's First Female Prime Minister Got a Standing Ovation from US Congress

Genesis on Creation

The book of Genesis is a dream time story of how creation came into being. It is taken seriously by men who latch onto certain parts of it as proof that they have dominion over women. But what does it really say:

In Genesis 2:7 it states that God created man from the dust and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and this supposedly happened on the eight day. This is how indigenous people see the creation of the world and it is still prominent in some of their thinking. Similarly it states that out of the ground all life forms were produced, again in accordance with tribal thinking in many groups. Then from his rib he formed Eve as a mate. Wow, you don't need much intelligence to see through that lot.

In Genesis 1:27, however, we learn that on the sixth day God created mankind. "Male and female created he THEM." In Genesis 5:2 we are told "" . . . and called THEIR name Adam, in the day when THEY were created.

So who is fooling who with this yarn, Why does religion teach that Ever tempted Adam into sin when there was a whole stack of Adams of both sexes? If anyone has studied the bible they would surely see this and yet it survives to work against women because men want it that way.

Young Sex Slaves

the donegal woman: Hired out at twelve. Raped and abused. margaret fought back and created a life for herself and her children. This Irish heroine ... story, told with rare tenderness and power.
the donegal woman: Hired out at twelve. Raped and abused. margaret fought back and created a life for herself and her children. This Irish heroine ... story, told with rare tenderness and power.

Children sold as sex slaves is still going on in our world. Less than 100 years ago this story was almost the norm when poor families failed to keep their young girls safe. Its a case of what goes around come around.


Women in Power in Australia

When the Queen, our long serving female monarch, arrived here a couple of months ago she was greeted by a female Governor General, welcomed by a female Prime Minister and in the ACT where her plane touched down she was introduced to the female Chief Minister. But that may all change if the men get their way.

Meanwhile for women out of the limelight the struggle persists. They may get a bit more in their paypacket but men are still the most highly paid employees in the country. Men control all the media and companies have very few women either as CEO's or even on their boards as directors. A woman in business is usually not running the biggest companies but rather simpler organisations that can be juggled between home and raising children and the demands of earning an income.

We have yet to see a woman chancellor of one of our universities. Although they are elevated to the position of professor and such there are few, if any, deans of faculties. Just recently we saw the first woman judge appointed to the Supreme High Court of Australia. So while we are making some headway we still have a long way to go.

This year some 70 plus percent of the highest achievers in the all important HSC (Higher School Certificate) were females. Now they are being given the chance to succeed we might just see the tide turn.

Court Trial Against Discrimination

The Bellwomen: The Story of the Landmark AT&T Sex Discrimation Case: The Story of the Landmark At&T Sex Discrimination Case
The Bellwomen: The Story of the Landmark AT&T Sex Discrimation Case: The Story of the Landmark At&T Sex Discrimination Case

Women won huge settlements when a court case found discrimination against them was a criminal act. Read this summary of the trial for more information


Typical Bully

Female Slaves Victimised

Ar'n't I a Woman?: Female Slaves in the Plantation South
Ar'n't I a Woman?: Female Slaves in the Plantation South

An in depth look at female slaves and their victimization. This crime against women in captivity is often set aside in the debate about discrimination against them. The inhumanity by men against women is something that slips under the radar in issues such as this.


Witness to Rape

Are Women Treated Unfairly by Men?

Do you think men tend to bully women?

See results

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens. Very well published statement and opinion on such an important matter of our times.

    • jennysue19 profile image


      5 years ago

      Another super lens skiesgreen. I think this goes very well with my 'pink smoke' lens about women in the Catholic Church - even though you wonder why they would want to be a part of it, they do and perhaps they could improve it! This gets my (Goddess) blessing and Squidliking.

    • KateAdamsUSA profile image


      5 years ago

      I couldn't agree more. The more there is equality and opportunity the better a society can prosper.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank you for publishing this lens on such an important topic. The best, most effective societies treat everyone equally. Any type of bullying is a shame.

    • VspaBotanicals profile image


      6 years ago

      Presented brilliantly. There is a lot of unfairness that still exists -- all around the globe. Excellent lens!

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      6 years ago from Central Florida

      You raise some important issues here. The current generation of young women have no idea how hard women fought to get the rights they currently have. Consequently they don't value them as much as they should. There is still a long way to go for equality.


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