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Biography of 'Whitey' Bulger - The World's Most Wanted Criminal

Updated on October 11, 2014

The world’s most wanted criminal by the FBI after Osama bin Laden is 'Whitey' Bulger. $12 million would be awarded to anyone who informs the authorities of his whereabouts.

James ‘Whitey’ Bulger was on the FBI’s list of the top ten most wanted criminals in the United States and the second most wanted worldwide. The year the list was released was in 2000.

Luckily, in June 2011, Bulger was caught and arrested in Santa Monica, California alongside his girlfriend, Catherine Greig. They had been living in a rent-controlled apartment for 13 years, at the same time still committing crimes.

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Bureau of Investigation | Source

The trial for Burger was supposed to begin in November 2012, but according to, a federal judge ruled the trial would begin in June 6, 2013. “Bulger faces a 33-count indictment including money laundering, extortion, drug dealing, corrupting FBI and other law-enforcement officials and participating in 19 murders. He’s also been charged with federal racketeering for allegedly running a criminal enterprise from 1972 to 2000.” (

James ‘Whitey’ Bulger was born in September 03, 2013 in Dorchester Massachusetts to Irish-American parents. He is the second-born of six children to the Roman Catholic parents. Bulger earned his nickname ‘Whitey’ at an early age due to his white-blond hair.

At an early age – teenage years, Bulger was involved in behaviors that were extremely bad such as always in fights and wild car chases. This ended in his arrest at the age of 14 years when he was sentenced to five years in a juvenile reformatory for stealing, assault, forgery and armed robbery.

Whitey Bulger
Whitey Bulger | Source

In 1975, Bulger entered into a deal with his childhood friend, FBI Agent, John Connolly. The deal was Bulger would furnish the FBI with details or information about the Italian Mafia family in Boston. In return, Bulger would be provided protection by the FBI. According to, it was the beginning of a dark, entangling relationship between Boston’s top criminals and top law enforcement agents.

In due time, tips from Bulger helped bring down the Italian Mafia family. Bulger and Flemmi would in due course offer tips to the agents and in return they were protected from prosecution. In order to keep the information flowing, the agents had to offer them protection of some kind which in most cases were tips to enable them escape from arrest.

As an adult, the crimes were worse as the thirst for crime increased. He was involved in bank robberies leading to his arrest. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison but only served for nine years. When he returned to Boston, he recommenced his life of crime. He joined the Winter Hill Gang and rose through the ranks to the position of Lieutenant.

“A shrewd, ruthless, cunning mobster, Bulger sanctioned numerous killings, including Spike O’ Toole, Paulie McGonagle, Eddie Connors, Tommy King and Buddy Leonard.” (

Whitey Bulger
Whitey Bulger | Source

In 1979, Howie Winter, the head of the Winter Hill Gang was charged with fixing horse races. His conviction led to Burger and Flemmi assuming control of the gang. “The pair built a drug-trafficking and racketeering empire based in Southie and were rumored to be responsible for dozens of gangland murders.” (

When Special Agent, John Connolly retired the relationship between the FBI and the two mobsters came to an end. In early 1995, Burger and Flemmi were indicted as the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Massachusetts State and the Boston Police Department launched an investigation into Bulger’s operations.

Bulger managed to escape from the hands of the authorities. This, he did successfully because his long-time friend, John Connolly tipped him off. A criminal on the run from the authorities, Burger’s time had come when in June 20, 2011 he was arrested in Santa Monica, California with his long-time girlfriend, Catherine Greig.

His trial began on June 12, 2013. On November 14, 2013 Bulger was sentenced to two consecutive life terms plus and an additional five years for the crimes he committed. The sentence was passed by U.S. District Judge Denise Casper.

The jury found Bulger guilty of money laundering, murder, extortion and firearm possession on August 12, 2013/ He was also found guilty on this day by the jury of 11 killings, seven of which he was acquitted and the eighth one the jury was not able to arrive at a conclusion.

In her ruling, Judge Denise was quoted saying, "The testimony of human offering that you and your associated inflicted on others was at times agonizing to hear and painful to watch."

James Whitey Bulger Irish Mob Documentary NationalCrimeSyndicate com

© 2014 Alianess Benny Njuguna


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