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Who is Walid Shoebat?

Updated on August 4, 2014

From PLO Terrorist To Devout Christian

John Harper recently shared a video on Facebook, and this is how I learned of a man called Walid Shoebat. I was absolutely impressed with what this man had to say. Why? What made what he had to say and more valid than anyone else? I will tell you....

Walid was born in Bethlehem. His mother was a Christian from the USA, his father a devout Muslim. His mother tried to return to the USA, but was caught. He was raised to be a devout Muslim, like his father. He was a PLO terrorist. He married a Catholic, Mexican woman from the USA. He tried to convince her to convert to Islam, saying the Christian religion was corrupted. Finally, she told him, if he could show her where and how it was corrupted, she would gladly convert to Islam. So, he spent a year studying the bible, as meticulously as he had ever studied the Qua ran.

Walid was born and raised in the "Bible Lands". He had watched, with pride, as many nations were turned into Islamic nations. As he read through the Old Testament, HE began to recognize that every nation spoken of in the bible, was controlled by Muslims. Knowing the history of his people and the lands, he saw exactly what the bible was talking about. He was reading the bible like it was a history book, and he saw how it predicted the rise of Islam. As he moved into the New Testament, he saw, clearly, that the anti-Christ was Islam.

I, like the major number of other Americans, had no clue just what the Muslim nations had in store for us. Heck, I was nicely wrapped in my little, safe, bubble of ignorance. I had recently watched a couple of movies that began my waking up. They were, "Hotel Rwanda", "Black Hawk Down", and "Machine Gun Preacher". OK, that makes three, not two. A lot of what took place in Africa, happened when i was just a kid. But some of it happened while I was a young adult, and some is still happening. I was appalled at the huge numbers of people, men, women and little children, that were tortured and murdered, with little to no justice being done about it. Being as how i look at everything that happens, to me personally, or to the world at large, through spiritual eyes, (meaning, I always wonder what part of GODs plan the event might fit into), i did wonder what the Africans had done to bring on so much suffering.

Thanks to Walid, I have a better understanding of world events, including what is happening in Africa. What is happening in Africa is spiritual warfare. Muslims are trying to eradicate Christians. It can be seen as an extension of what is happening in the Middle East right now. The Muslims have an agenda...They will settle for nothing less than the complete eradication of EVERYONE who does not conform to Islam. Everyone. They are starting on Jews, then Christians...after that, the world is fair game. It does not matter what god you worship, or even if you worship no god...they will kill anyone who refuses to worship, and I mean truly worship, Allah. I am including a couple of videos that I highly recommend listening to. I hope it opens your eyes as well as it opened my eyes. The world cannot afford to ignore Islam.

Unfolding Prophecy

Map Of Israel


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