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who is david icke

Updated on September 22, 2009

David Icke

David Icke
David Icke


David Icke was a popular football player & commentator.

Then his life changed after he proclaimed on national media that he was the son of god.

A turning point for him was then his appearance on the Terry Wogan show.
He was ridiculed for his confirmation that aliens where amongst us, and that there was reptilian bloodlines in all the major political & powerful families in the world.

Although his thoughts & ideas, at first may seem zany, there is certainly alot of truth & factual evidence to what he his talking about.

His main writings are really about the control that we are all under from the One World Government. Who enslave us to a liefstyle of working & conssuming to help the very few at the top of the pyramid to get richer & richer, and control more of the land of the earth.

The bloodlines of ther rich stretching back to the ancient times of babylon have been proved as very real. The family trees of the rich & powerful have been traced back through the centuries as proof.

He has become a very popular author, and a popular speaker amoungst followers of these ideas. His books make for some very internesting reading, and if your bored of Sci Fi novels, then you'll find enough in here to blow your mind.

David Icke - Was He Right? Documentary

Flu vaccines

One of his most popular and again controversial topics at the moment is flu vaccines.

With all the fluĀ around, and people getting immunised against Flu, David Icke proposes that this is all just a front for people getting mind control drugs injected into them so they can be controlled.

He has spoke to scientists who claim to be actually working on this technoligy at the moment,
but are sworn to secrecy.


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    • apricot profile image

      apricot 8 years ago from Italy

      Hi Kaizan! Nice hub! The only thing I'm not sure about is David Icke claiming to be the son of God in the 90's - as far as I know, that was what we were given to swallow by the media but he actually said something like 'if I were the son of God, people would laugh at me just like you all are' - that's what I think he said on the Wogan interview but I can't find the complete recording to check.

      Good to read hubs like that - a breath of fresh air!!