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The World's Demise?

Updated on January 1, 2015

This Lensography is About Things Many Would Like to Hide

Over months of Squidooing and building lenses it has now come to my attention that many of them address issues related to human behaviour and how we make life difficult for ourselves. But what will happen when we cause the death of all life? If one was arriving here from another planet the head would spin from the incredulous things humans are doing to each other, to the planet, and to our spirituality.

These lenses won't and can't change the world but they can cause one to think about things in a different way. Perhaps even change a few attitudes and wake up the mentally dead among politicians, religious leaders, and those who, like sheep, believe everything told to them and just bury their heads in the sand.

In the image the world is facing the big 3 W's. In my book they stand for:

W = WAKE UP to what's happening

W = WORRY about the future

W = WORK to change behavior, attitudes, minds, and people

Do You Believe we Can Change Behaviour? - Especially if it is good for the planet and our future

Most of us have children and many have grand-children who are facing the world in a very different way to that of our parents, grandparents and, to a lesser extent, ourselves. Many of us grew up in luxury, even without much money, because we were able to accomplish things, be educated, live a good life, and enjoy the benefits of nature. But today things have greatly changed.

Would you be willing to employ the 3W's to make a difference

Would you be willing to employ the 3W's to make a difference?

Heating the Atmosphere
Heating the Atmosphere

Is it meant to be?

Prophesy says we are doomed to fail

With full memory of my resurrection, as noted in my lenses, it strikes me that most people are so be-sodden with the idea of a heaven and hell and that the good go up and the bad down that they simply lost the plot. If they knew what I know, mainly that we return to our own mess, would they then make an effort to change their behaviour, to perhaps educate themselves into reality?

Our philosophical way of thinking, unique to humans, put dreams and make-believe ahead of reality. Just about everything now is make-believe and the closer we think we are to a heaven on earth the greater the hell we create. Read more on this subject here

Man designed his vision on the after-life born of dreams and desires. It, therefore, has a king, a throne, servants, messengers, a large city, and a place where one meets up with loved ones. Its ideal for those who cannot or will not think beyond the make-believe. Before things were proven to be otherwise men dreamed of stars being souls of the dead risen up and living forever in so-called paradise. The pain of letting go caused a longing to forever see them around. Now that we know different why hasn't thinking changed?

There is no heaven and hell because the idea is without credibility yet people will pay to ensure their passage is up. That's the hold that religion has and it answers the above question. Even Mafia members are forgiven sins and sent happily into eternal rewards without charge, no matter how many they cheated or killed. Their religion profits enormously for this service.

WAKE UP - those who believe this are being fooled. The following lenses explains why?

If There Were a Heaven and Hell?

1. Wouldn't we be able to see them?

2. Where do they exist except in the imagination?

3. If it cannot be seen, heard, smelt, felt or tasted it does not exist

4. With memory of my reincarnation I can vouch for the fact that these places do not exist

5. They are nothing more than comfort zones!

How Many Times Have You? - Cursed someone and sent him/her to hell

Hate builds supreme where religion is involved and the snobbery among those who think they are good because they belong to a religious order is appalling. They can even commit murder when they believe someone or a mob of people are acting against their understanding of God, Is this right? An example of this is the recent shooting death of an abortion clinic doctor in the USA by a fanatic and what more tragic proof than the 9/11 disasters in New York and Washington.

Do you believe in Heaven and Hell

A European Sacred Site
A European Sacred Site

Money Versus God

The Rush for riches

Money was invented around the same time as the discovery that men are responsible for procreation. Til then it was believed that all life came from the great Mother god, the Sun. There is enough evidence in prehistoric archaeological sites which display this. Henge monuments, according to my research, were dedicated to the marriage of the Mother god and the king who then became Father god. Through his fertility the earth was reborn and also became fertile.

Once men realised that they have power over life and death the interest in altering nature and promoting themselves as gods also arose. In ancient cultures, such as the Australian aborigines, the American Indians and the African tribes people, there was no need for money. They traded, however, and they lived on land that was jointly owned by all. There was no concept of this is mine and that is yours. When someone wanted something it was freely give or just taken without consequences.

But in the region where agriculture and animal husbandry first appeared so did something else. Male gods that could rise up and rule in heaven as they had done on earth. First they were chiefs or big-men, then they altered their status to kings and emperors and they went after land, wealth, slaves and established such fear and respect in their people that many were prepared to die for them in battle. Others slaved willingly to serve them and still others build enormous monuments to preserve their memory and to have places of worship (temples) erected in their name.

The first appearance of these shrines is in Assyria and Egypt and the western world took what these cultures created and framed their modern religious doctrines around them. It did not take me long to discover the similarity between all religions that grew from that time and these cultures and I refer to them in many of my lenses and websites,.

Do women really enjoy wearing this garb?
Do women really enjoy wearing this garb?

The Pain and Hell That Followed

No longer dependent on Nature

With the rise of these religious doctrines came the cruel treatment afforded to many within the culture. Kings grew rich on slaves, they built their cities and monuments from the labor of such people and they cursed and punished them as well.

We all know the treatment dealt out to slaves during the time of the Roman Empire and of the entertainment centered around the Coliseums, of which Italy has many. Slaves and prisoners, gladiators and others, would enter the ring and face their foe. Usually this was a group of wild animals, such as lions or real gladiators who would tear them to pieces amidst the shrilling screams of delight by the crowd. Great entertainment for some but hell for others. Women and children were not spared this fate.

As the Christian religion was born of this Roman madness so too did many more die because of it. Some more horrendously than others, usually the worst pain was saved for women. So what is it about women that religion abhors? Why should they hide their faces from men and be driven from all areas of influence, as we still see in some Christian organisations and in some Eastern religions. Bear in mind it is only in the last 200-300 years that western women have won their freedom from such ridiculous notions as having to cover their entire bodies from male view. It is only in the last 100 years that western women could bare their ankles and not until the 1930s could they even bathe on public beaches, even though they had to wear neck to knee swim suits.

1. They produce life which is a threat to man's power

2. They have more reasoning power then men

3. They have more influence then men if and when they are allowed to speak up

4. They are more vulnerable to the strength and power of men.

5. They are easily overpowered and victimised.

Children also suffer as women do for the same reasons. The following lenses point out the atrocities acted against them

Abused Women in Nicaragua

An African Ritual
An African Ritual

Children Suffer Extraordinary Pain at the Hands of Some Men

They simply have no rights.

It follows that if mothers are despised for breeding them their children can be despised for having been born. There is so much that could be written on that score alone.

In ancient cultures, like those mentioned above. women cared for children until they puberty. Men then took over control of boy's while girls remained in the care of the mother and the female community. The boys were, and still are in some cultures, initiated with horrendous pain which they tolerate without complaint to attain the status of manhood.

In some initiation ceremonies, studied in my anthropology course, boys as young as 10 were subjected to this horror. Led by 'uncles' (there is no word for father in Australian aborigine languages or those of the Trobriand Islands) they sat while elders with primitive tools first knocked out one or two top teeth. Another group with primitive knives cut the foreskin of the penis. Each boy had support from his 'uncle' standing behind him.

The pain horrendous they were led away into shelters where to spend the night. The following morning they were buried individually in holes and covered with dirt. When uncovered they were led to the river for baptism. From then on they never saw their mother again unless by accident.

Symbolically the pain represented the death of the boy, as in the crucifixion practiced elsewhere. Their descent into the ground imitates the burial of the corpse. The resurrection follows through the baptism where they are once again united with their spiritual beings.

Women, on the other hand, are unworthy of god ship in eastern and western cultures. Until recently it was taught that they don't have souls and cannot go to heaven. In cultures where they are despised they are competing with the Mother god as pro-creators. The hatred towards them by fathers, brothers, sons and others is portrayed in the way they dress, the pain they suffer through rape (in some societies they can be murdered for that) and genital mutilation plus the distorted way men consider their own infidelities as the fault of the women they mate with.

The following lenses show some of the abuse by men towards children, and female children in particular.

Should Children be born To Suffer? - Its happening the world over.

Many children are born out of religious convictions that it is God's will to overpopulate the planet. But they may suffer from hunger, disease, poverty and extreme physical abuse in many cultures where this happens, even western ones. Mexico is a case in point, Here the Catholic influence ensures large families and they exist in such poverty that children search rubbish dumps for food, many live on the streets without homes and the police and criminals regularly murder them. Children are also kidnapped and traded into the slave and sex trades world wide where poverty fails to prevent it. They are used for pornography from as young as a few weeks old and men get rich selling and showing the images on the Internet or elsewhere.

It does not matter their age or their sex because they are all vulnerable. In many of the poorer countries parents, particularly their fathers, will sell daughters to men of any age for sex. If a family will benefit from the marriage girls are forced into relationships with men they do not like to satisfy this greed.

Religion plays a large part in this as tenets proclaim that unless a girl is married if she has sex, even if it forced on her, she will pay the price. Its little wonder that Muslim women fell safer in the berkers than out of them.

Do you think children should be born to appease religious beliefs

Overpopulation Adds to Global Warming

The more people there are the more there are needing food and water - that means less resources.

The more people the more houses - that means less trees, less forests.

The more people the more pollution - that means more global warming

Hungry Children in America

We are Killing Ourselves Through our Behavior

What can we do to change it?

What mankind does and believes in is having an adverse effect on the planet. if that doesn't do something to you then WAKE UP. The philosophy he claims is essential for eternal life is destroying everything that God created. Every 10 seconds an area the size of a football field is cleared in the Amazon. And that is not only one place where this devastation is taking place. Its happening to feed, house and supply resources to an ever growing population. Tree loss is a cancer on the earth.

Worldwide there are enormous mud slides as the ground which was once held together by forests is denuded and washed away. With that soil goes future agriculture and the natural resources that God provided for us and the animals. As the forests dwindle so does the rain and many areas are experiencing their worst drought on record, such as in Australia. As the forests dwindle so does the oxygen we breath and disease and cancer and plagues are now rife. The diversity of species is important for good health and food production but does man care?

The behaviour of mankind is such that we continue to poison the water we drink, to alter the nature of the food we ear, to overpopulate and squash into cities that are bursting at the seams, and to lop down the very things that sustain life. This is insanity!

Worldwide there is a shortage of bees as disease and parasites wipe out their nests, which is just one result of our actions. Our food resources depend on them for fertilisation and without them we will die. Rivers are poisoned by mining, pesticide spraying and general agricultural practices that act contrary to good soil management are oppose the things that we should be looking to stop. We can't stop them because BIG BUSINESS thrives on this type of activity.

There are so many things happening that are destroying us that the following lenses were urgent piece of work from one who feels the pain of God as all of this creation faces extinction,

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© 2010 norma-holt

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    • GetFactsnotHype profile image


      8 years ago

      Added this page of yours too (Lensography) to my right side bar widget under related pages using the discovery tool

      It's on my "Is Green Earth Biblical" page - the 1st in a series of myths with some things being fact and some are abosolute myth. In the series I show how myths get started, this 1st one however being true - Green Earth is Biblical.

      It's located here on squidoo at christianity-myths

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Lots of good information on who is responsible. Nicely done.


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