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Critical thinking: Why do I think abortion is right

Updated on November 14, 2014


Abortion is a topic that has been argued for years, and it still does not have a conclusion that if it is a moral thing to do. The reason of argument is the conflicts between the right of the mother and the fetus. For me I believe terminating the fetus is right.

Women’s right and responsibility

When a woman is pregnant, she is responsible to take care of herself and the fetus; she has to eat healthy food and carry the unborn child to everywhere. If she makes any mistake, she might endanger the fetus, like if she is addicted to drug, her child is very likely to born with drug addiction, and if she drinks too much alcohol during the pregnancy, her child might suffered from Alcohol Fatal Syndrome. If she fall on the floor, she might get serious injured, and lose her child, so she has to carry a heavy thing in her womb, walk slowly, carefully, to protect herself and the fetus.

I am a man so I can’t get pregnant; I know there has so many responsibilities for pregnancy women that men don’t understand, and some women might even lose a job because being pregnant, even though they are protected by the law.

Women’s body is her responsibility, as well as her right, a fetus is in a mother’s womb, she is strongly connected to the child, which means it is a mother’s responsibility to make decision for her offspring, if a mother believes she is not ready to raise an offspring, maybe for health reason, environmental reason or even for personal reason, the mother should have right to make decision on the fetus life until it is born.

The unborn child is abnormal

Most of the parents can do anything for the child, because they love their children, no matter how hard it is, they will always be there for the child. Parents love their children, I don’t doubt that, many parents do not terminate the child even the fetus is abnormal, and it will be abnormal in the rest of their life; they love their child so much they scarify a lot of time and freedom to take care of their child. But they should also scarify their own conscience, to terminate the fetus before it becomes a child and begin to suffer. The parents fulfilled their conscience after they decade to keep the child, and then the child will grow up, having a sense of self. They might be suffering from genetic disorder or other incurable disorder, they survive day after day, and they suffer every day until they die in the old age, but they cannot complain because they owned their parent, for anything that their parents had scarified for them, time, money, even family and friendship. The only thing they can do is wishing they never be born, so they and their family don’t have to suffer.

In the old days, infanticide often happened when a mother believes she could not take care of a child, it is immoral in today’s standard, because we have foster care, social system, social worker, counsellor, free school, adoptive parents, medical treatment, technologies and many often support for the parents and child (in most part of first world countries), but in the old days, having mental illness means demonic procession, being difference means monster and they all ended up to be tortured and killed.

The parent is not able to raise a child

It is right to have an abortion if the parents are not already to have a child but not willing to allow someone else takes care of their child.

To raise a child, the caregiver needs to be mentally stable, be patient (kids can be annoying), have a good problem solving skills, be sensitive to child’s emotion, and the most important for being a caregiver is to love the child.

If the parent is mentally unstable, inpatient, the child might grow up in an insecure environment, and it is likely cause mental illness in their adulthood, like addiction, depression and anxiety disorder. If the parent hates the child, they may abuse and neglect their children, those children who grew up in a dysfunctional family, lack of positive relationship with the adult (like teachers and neighbours don’t like them.), and the sociality hates them (when a child misbehaved, people tend to think it is the child’s fruit, instead of try to find out where did the learn that behaviour, because people always believe abuse in uncommon.). Those children might grow up to have antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, or even became a psychopath.

The fetus endanger the mother

Women should have an abortion if the fetus endangers them. I believe the fetus has not yet developed the sense of self; it might have a few reactions because of their nerve system but not cable to think. And the other reason is the mother has live so long, she already interact with many people, has many friends and people know her very well, if she dies, it will upset many people, and the people might project their emotion to the child, it could be love (thinking the child is a gift from the mother and blessing from god) or it could be hate (unconsciously believe the child murdered mother), either way, the child might have to carry the burden of their mother’s death in the rest of their life.


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