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4 Reasons To Donate Your Old or Broken Car

Updated on May 7, 2013
Donate Your Car
Donate Your Car

“Get rid of that hunk of junk!” Screams your wife/husband as you look out into the back yard and see your old rusty 1979 Ford Pinto Wagon. This car was your first car you got to drive as a teenager and you tear at the thought of losing your baby. It’s time to get real though, and you know its worthless sitting out there. Your best option to getting anything for it is to donate your used car. Do you know how to donate your car? Some ways are better than others. What are some of the rewards in car donating?


The most obvious and blunt reward of donating your car is the space made. Now, your backyard is open again and doesn’t have an eye sore. It also allows you to open up space in your mind; you never once again need to think about what to do with it once it’s gone!

Choose to donate your car! Its the right choice to make!
Choose to donate your car! Its the right choice to make!

Feel Good

If you donate your car, you get an internal feel good sensation. Most of the places you will be donating to help fund treatments for humans. Everything from heart foundations, kidney funds, and cancer funds can all benefit from that junk in your yard! Even children benefit from some of the car donations. Think of all the good that can come from it, not only is the purpose good, but the recycling of the car is good for the environment too! If you really do miss your old car being there, why not turn the dead patch of ground into a flower or veggie garden?

Money can come in when you donate your car!
Money can come in when you donate your car!

Money Back

Some car donations will pay you some cash for your car. Most of the time the organization will not give you a cent for the car. The way you ultimately get paid for your donation is though you taxes reduction. The money off your taxes can be very helpful, especially if you need to pay a lot. Some of the sites have it so you can only get what it’s worth written off. But to some of the places, your taxes can be up to $1000 off or whatever their maximum is! So make sure when you donate your car you know the ropes of what is being saved.

Free Disposal

Cars cost money to get rid of. Why not just donate it when all that is paid for? It’s almost like a win no matter how you look at it. You don’t pay any removal fees, you get money off your taxes, and you even help the betterment of mankind!

Personally, I think donating cars is the best way to get rid of them if there not running or need a lot of repairs. No need to pay junkyard fees, especially if nothing is salvageable from the vehicle anyway. Most of the time, you will find a donate your car in Massachusetts or wherever you live for exactly what you want to endorse with it. Everything from breast cancer to kidney transplants and even heart surgeries for families that can’t afford them. No matter what the reason is, your decision will help someone at sometime and it should make you feel good, many people don’t donate at all for anything and it’s a real shame.


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    • BrianS profile image

      Brian Stephens 7 years ago from Castelnaudary, France

      Seems crazy to me that people wouldn't get rid of their old clunkers this way. All your reasons sound really valid and you actually save money not having to pay salvage.

    • Jerilee Wei profile image

      Jerilee Wei 7 years ago from United States

      Part them out by lisitng on Craig's List or other such place, then sell the balance to one of the many "I buy old cars working or not" salvage haulers who will come get it. Puts the most cash in your pocket. If if still runs good, donate it to the Salvation Army who auctions them off once a month and uses the money for helping others.

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