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Why Join The Marine Corps?

Updated on August 24, 2017

There are Many Reasons Men and Women Who Are Just Like You Join the Marine Corps

Why join the Marine Corps? Glad you asked! I will give you my personal reasons. You can read and listen to the reasons of other Marines as well (watch videos). So, if you are wondering why men and women join the Marine Corps, are looking for information about becoming a Marine and whether or not you have what it takes to join the Marine Corps this site may be of extreme value because ...

I am a Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine. There are no ex or former Marines. Once you've earned the right to be called Marine you always have that honor; unless you are later dropped via a BCD or DD.

Get some payback and kill terrorists
Get some payback and kill terrorists

Why Did I Join the Marine Corps?

To test myself

Why did I join the Marine Corps? I didn't join because of 9-11. I joined the Corps 39 years ago during Viet Nam but why didn't I join the Navy or the Army or the Airforce? Why the Marines? I guess everyone who joins has their own reasons for wanting to join the Marine Corps. I grew up watching "The Sands of Iwo Jima" with John Wayne and I wanted to be like Sgt. Stryker. I remember playing with little plastic soldier figures, tanks and planes as a kid with my young friends but mine weren't just any soldiers - they were Marines. I wanted to be a Marine.

My dad and his older brother were in the Navy during WW2 but my two favorite uncles (one my dad's younger brother and one my mom's younger brother) were Marines, both during Korea. Both of them loved to hunt. I loved to hunt. Neither of them talked about Korea but I knew I had two very brave and tough men as uncles, family. I wanted to be like them.

I liked shooting weapons, wanted to blow shit up and simply wanted to see if I could become a member of the world's best warriors. In other words, I wanted to know if I had the guts to make it through the most difficult basic military recruit training on earth and then walk the walk as it were. That may not be the best of reasons but it was mine and I just wanted to be a Marine. I also knew, since my family wasn't wealthy, I needed to earn benefits, like the GI bill, for college tuition and buying a home . But ...

When it's all said and done, the real reason I joined the Marine Corps was to prove to myself I was a man. That I could do it.

Joining The Marine Corps Changes You

Marine mom explains the difference in her Marine son:

For all of those that have son's or daughter's at bootcamp let me pass on what I found. Let me give you a little back ground first. When my son left home he had no motivation, he was lazy, slobby, no pride, no self worth. This is the boy that got off the bus March 18th at Parris Island. The man that I met on Thursday for parents day is AWESOME. There is no way I can describe to you all the difference. He looks different, he walks different, he talks different, he has such a sense of bearing and pride all I could do was look at him in awe. Oh yes, the training is hard, what he went through is unimaginable to any one that has not been there. They are definitely taught to be Warriors. Let me tell you the surprise of what else they are taught. My Marine son has better values, better morals, better manners than any one I know. It is so much more than Yes Sir, Yes much more. He cares about how he looks, he cares about what he does, and its not a boastful, badass thing. He is a true gentleman. I saw patience, and a calmness in him that I have never seen. I could never express my gratitude enough to the Marine Corps for what they have given my son. I know this, I have an 11 year old Devil pup still at home. When the time comes for his turn if I had to I would take him kicking and screaming all the way. Although I'm sure that will not happen. The hero worship I see in my younger sons eyes for his Marine brother tells me I will have two Marines in the family, and I will be one very proud mother. - "Cybil", Mother of a Marine writing to the myMarine Group

Join the Marine Corps
Join the Marine Corps

5 Great Reasons to Join the Marine Corps

The Marine Corps Times lists 232 reasons to love your Corps and one could definitely consider all or at least a large majority of those 232 reasons as reasons to join the Marine Corps as well but aside from those good and potential reasons I'd like to list some other reasons to join the Marine Corps here as well.

The U.S. Economy

With unemployment at an all time high, since the Great Depression, the economy inside the United States easily dictates the need for what many mothers might consider as drastic measures for their young teenaged sons and daughters, joining the military as a career. If you are finding it difficult to obtain gainful employment, lack funds for college and are of good moral character you may want to consider that to be a good reason to join the Marine Corps. The Marines are always looking for a few good men or women and for those who qualify the Corps offers steady employment.

Free Medical, Dental and Life Insurance Benefits

President Obama may have pushed through his so-called health care reform with certain benefits for some with the money to afford health care but when you join the Marine Corps you will have complete health, dental, and eye care at no charge. I did a real quick quote via Premera for basic health care (no dental or eye care) for those who are single, under 25 and don't smoke. If you purchased their best coverage you'd still be responsible for 20% of any bill and you'd pay $5,100 per year in premiums. If your employer offers health insurance your employer may cover a portion of the costs of a quality health care plan; however, they are not required to do so but when you join the Marine Corps and you'll have 24 hour per day total health, dental and eye care anywhere in the world with no deductibles, co-pays, or premiums. You'll also receive an insurance policy for $250,000.00 absolutely free.

Travel Benefits

Like to travel? When you join the Marine Corps you have the potential, depending on your MOS, to travel to foreign places, meet new and exciting people and if they are enemies of the United States, of course kill them. Your travel is always paid by Uncle Sam as are your meals and lodging in fact no receipt is necessary for travel claim expenses less than $75. And for cruise lovers the Marine expeditionary units provide the cheapest cruises you will ever take.

The Training

Depending again upon your MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) you may become highly qualified and in demand for civilian employment should you decide to re-enter the civilian world. Certain Marine billets such as pilot (fixed wing and helo), aircraft maintainence, aircraft control, communications, data processing and others will help you secure employment in the civilian world. For example many Marines become airline pilots, corporate charter pilots, aircraft mechanics or police officers after enlistment. Some, with special skills, are recruited into the "alphabet agencies."

Career Benefits

These include obtaining a college education on Uncle Sam, Marine courses and schools, VA loans for buying a home, retirement income and medical, commissary privilidges and lump-sum re-enlistment bonuses up to $80,000 which if invested wisely could help you retire in comfort after 20 or more years of service and at a fairly young age, as young as 37. Imagine retiring as young as 37 with a nice pension, full medical, commissary privilidges and an outstanding nest egg due to 4 or 5 lump-sum, wisely invested re-enlistment bonuses.

My 3 Favorite Reasons to Join the Marine Corps ...

Abandon Perfectly Good Aircraft

Join the Marine Corps and Go Recon
Join the Marine Corps and Go Recon

Enjoy Beach Activities with Friends

Marine Force Recon
Marine Force Recon

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Force Recon/Scout Sniper
Force Recon/Scout Sniper

What is YOUR Primary Reason for Wanting to Join the Marine Corps?

See results

Army or Marines?

Thinking of joining the American armed forces?

Which branch would you join?

Join The Marine Corps? I MUST Have Been NUTS But God Help Me I Loved it!

When you join the Marine Corps you join a brotherhood like no other on earth. It's one challenge after another. The first major challenge is Marine recruit training often referred to as boot camp. Once you earn your Eagle, Globe and Anchor you will always be a Marine, ALWAYS. But ...

Even Marines get bored at times. When Marines get bored we tend to do crazy shit.

Join the Marine Corps
Join the Marine Corps

Best Decision I Ever Made Was ...

Joining the Marine Corps

Joining the Marine Corps was probably the best decision I ever made in my life simply because of the benefits of service and the fact that the Corps made me a better man by instilling ceratin values I may not have learned any other way.

The Marine Corps offers tangible benefits such as the GI Bill which will help pay for a Marine's college during or after completion of enlistment. A Marine also has the benefit of a VA loan to help with the purchase of a home for his family. After my tour in the Corps I was able to buy my first home with the benefit of a VA loan. But even more important are the intangible benefits ...

When you join the Marine Corps you'll learn the core values of honor, courage and commitment. You'll learn that quitting anything is not an option for a Marine because it robs the soul of pride and dignity and then steals the integrity that allows a man or woman to stand tall in the face of adversity; against all odds. It's the intangible benefits that last for the rest of a person's life that may be the most important benefits of joining the Marine Corps.

If you are serious about becoming one of the finest fighting warriors on earth and joining the Marine Corps the best place to start would be to contact a Marine Recruiter. Once you are in contact with a Marine Corps Recruiter, preferably in your hometown or as close to you as possible, you can then sit down with your recruiter and discuss your qualifications and the options open to you. You can learn whether you should become an enlisted Marine or if you qualify to become a Marine Officer. You can also determine what MOS (military occupation specialty) you would like to shoot for as well. So the first step is to get more information about joining the Marine Corps and overcoming your first major obstacle to earning the Eagle, Globe and Anchor and the title Marine by learning how to survive even excell during Marine Corps Recruit Training.

Please Let Me Know You Dropped By and ...

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    • TheHealthGuy LM profile imageAUTHOR

      TheHealthGuy LM 

      6 years ago from U.S.A.

      Thanks so much for your insighful comment Candy. I'm sure you are absolutely correct. Nobdy joins the Marines to kill the enemy. In fact I know many who joined during the Vietnam conflict to simply travel to foreign exotic places, hang out with people they'd never met before and invite them to tea. I'll bet most of the men and women now days join up hoping they get to visit the middle east in order to learn more about the Islamic culture and ride some camels. How silly of me to think otherwise.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      no surprise everyone hates us and wants to bomb us with this idiotic mentality,.. if you want to join the marines you do it because you love the country or you desperately need a job, but not to kill people for fun... our country is at war for over 150 years continuously if you do read any history .. i think we'll cease to exist soon enough, we've pissed way too many countries off

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This grizzled Grunt (1/5, 1969, Arizona Territory, AnHoa) has tried to recount, for his two Marine sons, some doggerel we used to sing about "When I Joined the Marine Corps," but the exact lyrics seem to have been lost in the mists of failed memory. Anyone out there able to recall them?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great site. Lots of interesting information.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great post about the USMC. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I really love reading about your Marine Corps experiences. Great lens!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Very cool lens, I love the Unites States Marine Corps.


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