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why search 12345?

Updated on July 13, 2011

What were you thinking? The 12345 oddity!

 What on earth were you thinking when you typed 12345 into that search box and hit search? Maybe you were bored, maybe you were genuinely after the lyrics to the famous kids song? Bizarrely you'll be pleased to know that you aren't alone in your seemingly random searching. In fact, a staggering 673'000 people search for exactly the same number every month. I dont know about you, but that really is incredible isn't it?

Intrigued by this really quite bizarre search term, ive put together some probable and not so probable possibilities. Some you wont have heard of and some you will. Most of all I hope to get closer to understanding if it is just boredom that motivates those 673'000 people when they search 12345.


12345 Once I caught a fish alive!

What about the famous childrens rhyme? Are almost three quarters of a million people searching for this;

12345 once I caught a fish alive...

It seems a little unlikely doesnt it? After all who cant remember the words to that poem, even after all these years?


12345 The Urban Dictionary!

 According to the urban dictionary '12345' is a comment typically used in agreement with a strong negative statement. Its most commonly used in online forums and apparently originates back to the forums. An example of a '12345' response might be;

Writer one; "this article is truly horrendous!

Writer two; '12345'

12345 6 A losing lottery ticket?

 Now try telling me you havent had a debate with someone as to whether 1,2,3,4,5,6 has has much chance of being a winning lottery ticket combination as any other. Well equally bizarrely as the 673'000 people searching for 12345 is the fact that there are entire websites dedicated to solving the math and proving it one way or the other!

12345 video!

Video results for 12345

 Maybe, just maybe you were searching 12345 in the hope of stumbling across a you tube video of a bit of impromptu karaoke at what appears to be a very low budget version of the x factor. Perhaps the last laugh is with the budding singer herself, as with some canny marketing 'miss 12345' has landed herself over 100'000 views!


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