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Importance of Women's Rights: Why is it Important for Women to Have Rights?

Updated on October 11, 2017
A group of women fighting for their rights
A group of women fighting for their rights

The universal Declaration of human rights which was adopted by the United nations general assembly in 1948 outlined the fundamental consensus on human rights of everybody in relation to such matters as freedom of movement, religion and assembly,protection of the law,rights to work,health, education,and citizenship.It clearly points out that these rights are to apply equally to all without distinction of any kind for instance race,color ,gender or any other status.This means that this rights are to apply to women as well.

Reasons why women should have rights

  • Women have the same ability as men and should therefore have the same rights as men.For a long time human rights have been based on gender,whereby most human rights are only guaranteed to men.Womens rights therefore help women get aquire the same rights as their male counterparts
  • Women’s rights help empower women.Through women’s rights,women can access same educational facilities as men.Before women’s rights came into being,women were not allowed to go to school and own businesses since their role to stay at home and take care of the children
  • Women’s rights are important to help stop torture and inhuman degradement of women.For a long time women have been degraded,tortured henc there was a need for womens right to protect women from torture and inhuman degradement.
  • It would be an injustice to benefit from the what women contribute to the society without bestowing the same rights as men.
  • Women deserve the same degree of respect as men.
  • Women’s rights help the society evolve. Through women’s rights such as right to equality women are able to advance and as a result the larger society too is able to advance and evolve

Picture of a man who believes that women are of a surbodinate status and therefore should not have rights
Picture of a man who believes that women are of a surbodinate status and therefore should not have rights
  • To help stop marginalization.Traditions,cultures,political, social, and economic interests have excluded women from the general human rights and have instead placed women to a secondary or special interests status within human rights.This marginalization of women across the world has resulted to gender inequality.It has contributed to the perpetuation of women’s subordinate status.Women’s rights are therefore essential to stop the marginalization of women.
  • No one should be denied their rights or have their rights infringed no matter what their sex is. Women have often been treated unequally in respect of men hence the need for women's rights
  • Women are oppressed in most institutions,hence need to be liberated through various women’s rights such as the right to work among others.
  • Women’s rights are important to be help fight unjust patterns and structures within society.
  • Even in this century women’s rights are still important because we haven't achieved real equality.
  • Women are more subjected to violence than men hence the need of women’s right such as the women’s right to be protected from violence and sexual assault .
  • Women’s rights have helped women advance in many ways.This rights have protected women from torture,violence,sexual,assault,inequality and without doubt there was and there still is a great need for women’s rights

The key importance of women’s rights

Women worldwide are more than half of the population and in most elections, a larger percentage of voters are women.In the US for example, it is estimated that 60%of women are voters of which there are 10 million more women than men who turned out to vote in the 2008 elections. Despite the fact that women constitute a larger percentage of the population and also a larger percentage vote in elections,very few women are voted in or given leadership positions.For example women make up only 16% of the US Congress.

Women also earn very low in comparison to men.They only earn 70 cents to each dollar men make.

In most countries in the world, women have for a long time been treated unequally in respect of men. There are also horrible and scarely incidences like where women are forced into early marriage whereas others have children while they are too young.They eventually have to sell their bodies for survival. Majority of them get Aids while others suffer from physical problems like rape.

Supporting girls’ education has been pointed out as a key to solving some of the world’s greatest problems.In regard to women,girls who are educated are less likely to have a lot of children.They are also less likely to contact sexual diseases and they are also able to contribute to the economic development of their societies and communities.

Womens rights are therefore of key importance to solve some of this inequalities and gender biasness all over the world.

What is your view?

Should women have rights?

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    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      3 weeks ago from London England

      Also, to eliminate all forms of sexism.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      3 weeks ago from London England


    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      3 weeks ago from London England

      From a male perspective; i think that it was the Women's Liberation Movement of the late 60's / early to mid 70's that brought the awareness of Women's rights to the fore front of modern cultural norm. The militant Feminists at the time developed their assertiveness and confidence into a force to be reckoned with. In many television series or Hollywood movie just about, there would be a sequence where a woman could easily defeat a male opponent using her martial arts skills. Thus encouragement and an inspiration for girls and women to succeed.

    • profile image


      2 months ago

      Women are human beings, also, and therefore should have the same rights as men.

      If a society accepts treating anyone as less than human, everyone ultimately suffers. But as it says in the book by Josette Sona (Are Men the Weaker Sex), a lot of men are resentful towards women because of women's abilities, strengths, etc. and those men (who feel inadequate but still have power in society), want to hold women back and suppress their freedoms.

      Unfortunately, those men often abuse their power (because of their inadequacies) and again, everyone ultimately suffers.

    • profile image


      14 months ago

      I am baby but also I think that women should get equal rights.

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      I as a woman should have equal rights to men. I am a mother, and I do more than just stay in the kitchen and take care of my kids... I can change the world just as well as a man can, maybe better. Look at all of the women that have accomplished their dreams. We can too! Get out there, make a difference, and change the world.

    • profile image


      22 months ago

      me to i think that women should be aloud to have rights

      p.s i am doing this topic for PYP Exhibition

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      yes I do believe that women should have right.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I totally think that woman should be equal and have the same rights as me. Being a woman myself, it seems to me that we do the same things that men do, and we can be equally smart and strong (even though it is harder for girls to get fit).


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