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Why the Youths Are Being Violent and Indulged in Crime.

Updated on June 4, 2015

The youths are alleged to be the next day's leaders however i have no idea in the event that they fairly know how tomorrow's leaders are presupposed to behave. Daily you hear of gun crimes, stabbings, combating, drugs and heroine being offered on streets, and so forth all these crimes are precipitated customarily by means of youths and i ponder when and the way the government goes to deal with these problems. How on this planet does these youths get maintain of weapons to kill not only their gang opponents but harmless victims, the entire thing is making me in poor health and why do they suppose taking someones life is recreation.

Incidentally who's to be blamed for their evil deeds. 1/2 of the blame goes to dad and mom and the opposite half of goes to the federal government beause i feel these a lot of these youths come from respectable homes but once they would not have proper upbringing it contributes to their evil ways. If in case you have a teenage son or daughter, you instill that fear of God in him and also you train him or her what's fallacious from what's correct and the penalties of being a violent character or belonging to a gang when arrested will make him believe twice before becoming a member of any avenue gang. I know this will likely generally not prevent him from commiting a crime but if as a dad or mum you declare you're keen on your little one, then you don't must give up on this child but to continue reminding him that you simply love him and do not want him to come to be in penitentiary or be killed.

The federal government claim they're tackling the issue of crime to the high-quality ot their ability but i do not know how and when they'll have the ability of beating the violence plaguing Britain's streets once and for all. The thing is that when a thug is caught and arrested for killing his fellow individual, he is both given a minimal reformatory sentence or advised as a result of his age. One thing govt has fail to fully grasp is that weak jail senences are leaving vicious thugs to chuckle on the court docket process and if the punishment does no longer fit the crime, the crimes is not going to stop.

Government should impose longer penitentiary sentences for thugs who think they are able to elevate knives and guns to assault and kill now not handiest their rival gang participants but innocent victims. Am certain this may aid minimise crime. They should also provide a suitable channel the place kids are taught to count on extra in lifestyles than being violent.

My only prayer is that these youths will someday come again to their senses and switch their lives round.


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      9 years ago



    • barryrutherford profile image

      Barry Rutherford 

      9 years ago from Queensland Australia

      I disagree with the idea of giving youths greater prison time. If you do that all they will achieve is becoming proficient at learning more about crime in gaol and will become bitter & angry and more likely to engage in a career of crime...


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