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Why You Should Donate To Donors Choose

Updated on March 24, 2013

What Is Donors Choose Anyways?

Donors Choose is an online charity that raises money for individual classrooms. A teacher simply logs onto the website and creates a project to raise funds for a specific need that he or she has in her classroom. After the teacher creates the project a Donors Choose team memeber reviews the project and activates it. A project has three months to be fully paid for. This is where you come in as a donor. Donors can log onto the website and look through teacher projects. There are many ways to choose a project. You can search for a teacher you know and donate to their project. You can look at only high poverty schools, or you can even look at specific schools, grades, or subjects. You have complete control over your donation. After a project is fully funded, the teacher will send you thank you letters from the students and upload photos to the Donors Choose website of the students using the materials you helped purchase. If you donate to a project that does not get fulfilled within three months you can either get a refund, recieve a gift card for future donations, or you can donate the money to that teacher for his or her future projects. Chances are they will put a similar project up in the future.

Take A Look For Yourself

Donors Choose Project
Donors Choose Project

Why Should You Donate To Donors Choose?

Classroom Donations Make A Big Difference

Let's face it, teachers aren't giving much money to purchase the classroom supplies that they need. Every year teachers spend hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars on their classrooms. As a teacher I can tell you that if I didn't buy extra supplies and materials for my students, they'd be missing out on a lot of learning opportunities. I have benefitted from Donors Choose four times so far and the benefits to my students have been incredible. I have recieved an mp3 player, a listening center that accommodates my mp3 player, audio books, five cd players, playground equipment, an incubator, and duck eggs because of generous donors on the website. Without Donors Choose my students would have gone without these materials. Sure I could still teach them without these extra things, but their learning has been enhanced greatly because they have the opportunity to use these materials. Imagine learning about ducks and the hatching process through videos and books, and then think about how much more can be learned by actually seeing the ducks hatch and interacting and caring for them as ducklings. This is an awesome charity and I encourage you to visit the site and find a project that touches you.

Teacher Supplies That I love

These are some of my favorite supplies to use in my classroom.

Teacher Profile Pages - These Teachers Need Your Help!

I have listed some great teachers who have classroom profiles on Donors Choose. Please consider donating to one of these teachers even if they don't currently have a project up. I'm sure they'll be creating one soon. If you have a Donors Choose page just let me know and I'll add you to the list.

Teacher Poll

Tell us about your experience with Donors Choose.

Have you ever had a project funded by Donors Choose

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How Can You Help

It's Really Simple

You have a few different options as far as donating goes.

You can:

1. Choose a project and make a donation.

2. Buy gift cards for friends and family.

3. Give a donation to a specific teacher for future projects.

4. Let the Donors Choose team choose a project for you.

5. Post projects that you support on your facebook page or twitter account.

Before you post a donation, do a search to find out if there are any match codes available. Sometimes Donors Choose and other companies will offer a match code. When you put in these codes, your donation will be matched! This is an excellent way to increase funding towards the project!

Have You Donated?

Tell us about your experience as a donor.

Have you ever donated to a Donors Choose project?

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So How Does This Benefit You?

Donating to any charity is an honorable thing to do, but Donors Choose is helping children. Sure there are a lot of charities for children, but this one is special. You make all the choices. If helping children does quite convince you, how about a tax deduction? That's right, you can use all of your donations as a tax write off. The more you donate, the bigger the deduction. So go crazy and start donating!

Do you think you'll be come a donor?

So What Do You Think?

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    • profile image

      Hannah Writes 4 years ago

      As a former elementary school teacher, I know how much money I spent out of pocket every year. Donors Choose is a worthwhile organization. Thank you for sharing it with others. Blessed.