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Who are you voting for

Updated on August 8, 2016


No matter what I type in this page its not going to change your mind, but I would like to give some insight to what I have seen and gathered so far. I also support all opinions but please watch you language if you don't agree with this list.

Pros and Cons of Donald Trump


  • Extremely racist,
  • will take away Obama care hurting possibly thousands,
  • will build a wall,
  • will try to ban same-sex marriage again,
  • he's a fascist,
  • he's a orange with hair
  • no prior experience as a politician


  • he is a business man
  • he is confident
  • supports right to bear arms

Pros and Cons of Hillary Clinton


  • Against guns
  • liar
  • Bill baggage


  • a good politician
  • believes in same-sex marriage
  • believes in women's rights
  • most qualified in foreign policy
  • she's smart

Who do you trust?

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