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Why I Am Not Voting For Mitt Romney

Updated on October 18, 2012

I am a Christian and if this year's Presidential Election was simply about Free Will Abortion and Marriage Equality I would be willing to vote for Mitt Romney but the election is about the future economic and post-employment stability of America. Here are my reasons for not voting for Mitt Romney.

1. Inconsistency: Mitt Romney is a very inconsistent person; in other words,his opinions about the economy,national security and social issues change constantly. Personally I do not want a President who supports one thing one day and then changes his mind the next based on public opinion and self-preservation; I want a President who makes a precise and accurate decision regardless of what I think or personally believe.

2. Taxes: Collecting taxes is how our American Government functions. The Federal and State Government collect fair taxes and use the revenue to improve our infrastructure system, decrease our debt, pay for social programs and more but for the last twelve years and counting tax rates for the most rich have decreased; in fact we are at lowest rates in history and America simply can not continue to function properly if the freefall continues. What does Mitt Romney actually propose? He currently proposes a 20% tax cut for everyone but he never specifies how he is going to pay for what every economic expert says will be at least a $5 Trillion increase in our national debt. How will he pay for it? By increasing taxes on the middle class and implementing a devastating austerity program…cutting various social programs including Food Stamps, Unemployment Benefits, Fuel Assistance, Early Childhood Education and much more. Note: Mitt Romney promised Grover Norquist that he would not raise taxes on the top 1% and he will keep that promise; a promise that does not create jobs but adds to the debt.

3. Income Equality: A man works 12 hours and gets paid $12 an hour but a woman doing the same job for the same hours only makes $9 an hour; is this fair? No! Where Does Mitt Romney stand on this issue? Mr. Romney says he supports equal pay for women but he also opposed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and supported the Blunt Amendment which takes away a woman's access to medical necessities. Where Does Mr. Romney stand? I personally believe he opposes equal pay for women simply because his political party opposes it….I do not think the Good Ole Boy club will change anytime soon.

4. Medicare and Social Security: My parents receive monthly benefits from Social Security and their primary medical coverage derives from Medicare; these two programs are vital institutions and they help millions of people and should not be reformed. Where does Mitt Romney Stand? Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan both “reluctantly” say they will keep Social Security intact but their position on moving Medicare from a guaranteed program to a premium based system will cause seniors to pay more out of the pocket for their medical needs; this is unconscionable and frankly it is immoral. Note: Paul Ryan personally supported privatizing Social Security when George W. Bush was in Office and currently supports a voucher based Medicare system.

5. National Security and the Vice Presidency: In 2008, the Republican Party opposed Obama because of his inexperience but now he has a lot of experience and the duo of Romney and Ryan has no experience; especially Paul Ryan who if elected, would be next in line to be President if Romney can not fulfill his duties; this is a dangerous possibility because above all things, the Vice President must be ready to lead a nation during a catastrophic event and I do not believe Paul Ryan is ready.

In conclusion,if Mitt Romney wins our nation will go backwards; it will revert back to the Bush years and we can not afford to go backwards when so much is at stake. Under a Mitt Romney Presidency I can see a nation at war again; I can see a nation without Social Security and Medicare; I can see a nation economically spiraling out of control as thousands upon thousands of jobs are lost but don't worry Mitt Romney will be safe because he can always go to France,China,Switzerland or the Cayman Islands.


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