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Starvation follows Overpopulation

Updated on February 9, 2018

Feed the World - With What?

When Michelle Obama addressed an audience in Africa recently she called for an end to the world's hunger problems. Was this to be a presidenial order? If she is truly concerned with feeding the hungry then why not call for an order to clean up the ocean and to stop polluting the atmosphere.

It is the human impact of pollution and mismanagement of resources that is the root cause. But, is she aware of those issues.

Pictured is a section of ocean covered with floating plastic. Entire beaches are covered with it and many species of animals, birds and reptiles are facing extinction because of it. It is possible that the entire planet is facing massive loss of species, including that of humanity. It is another elephant in the room besides that of overpopulation.


Climate Change and Food Shortages

Most of the world believes in fairy tales, such as the existence of heaven and hell and the devil, angels and saints they pray to or fear. So what difference does it make to believe that climate change is not happening, even though it is taking place right before our eyes?

If everyone is going to end up in an eternal paradise then what difference does it make if we destroy our earthly home? But if they believe that then why are they afraid of dying and are insistent on medical help to stay alive beyond their normal life expectancy. Such selfishness adds to overpopulation and pressures on society and survival.

Then there are those who deny climate change and claim it is not happening despite the science and evidence of changing weather patterns, violent eruptions from volcanoes and earthquakes, and the increased temperatures, droughts and super fires. Why do they oppose the obvious?

A conference of scientists is being held 2-3rd July, 2011, in Canberra titled Earth On The Brink. Those attending are experts in their field and everyone of them has evidence that man is killing the world? So what say you? Are they right or are the denyers right?

Plastic Pins
Plastic Pins

Pollution Caused byPlastic

Plastic is the most convenient invention of man so far as it is easily disposed of, cheap and useful for most purposes. But where is it disposed of? How useful is it? and is it really so cheap?

Primarily it is disposed of in landfill or tossed overboard from ships and its destination is the ocean in both cases. It never goes away but continually breaks into smaller and smaller pieces so that birds, animals and repriles think it is food. They eat it and feed it to their young. The young die and so do the adults, so breeding comes to a halt. That means the species is at risk. So plastic is not disposable at all.

Cheap to produce and use - so you think. Think again! Plastic is toxic and already we have discovered that components cause cancer, which can cost a fortune to cure or death is the result. Agonising painful deaths costs both the individual with the cancer, the supporters of the victim and the community. Babies fed from plastic bottles may develop leukaemia or other forms of cancer and that is a major cost on a family both emotionally and otherwise.

Useful you think! Yes, it can be made into just about anything these days. Furniture, television sets, computers, microwave ovens, carpets, even clothing and most people love it. But put heat near it and see how useful it is then. It explodes into flames and your house can burn down, The toxic fumes escape into the atmosphere and the acrid smoke is another source of pollution.

Freezing food in plastic is convenient and suits modern living but here again the toxic substance it contains will leech into the food and the evidence is there for all to see. Worlwide cancer is increasing and is one of our major killers.

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View the Videos for More Evidence of Plastic Pollution

Devastation in Haiti
Devastation in Haiti

The Loss of Habitat

Species of animals, birds and reptiles are, like humans, becoming extinct through loss of habitat. Destruction of forests and the removal of trees from the evironment is unsustainable.

In places where hunger is most prevalent, such as in Africa, the indigenous people had jungles and all the food they needed. They hunted and they survived, so did all the animals they depended on. But along came western influence, religious spewkers, and money hungry individuals who saw a chance for more wealth. The jungle was ripe for massive exploitation. As the tribes who depended on it for food and housing were displaced they were rounded up and put into communes or camps where they were either given hand-outs or used as slaves to serve those who stole everything from them.

We see the results of that now as the descendants of once fine, secure and independent nations are reduced to poverty, loss of dignity, poor education if any, and to serving the masters who have taken everything from them. The last nation to be so treated is the !Kung Bushmen of the kallahari Desert. They are now suffering the assault on their country by diamond and mineral mogels who have pushed them into camps where they are suffering enormously.and many have developed diabetes, become alcoholics and much worse. That is to say nothing of AIDS which is also rife among them.

The Zulu of Southern Africa once had everything; homeland, security and survival. That was until the Boers came and then others to reduce them to poverty and to stricken individuals who now live in squalor in Seweto, a humpy town near Cape Town. They are suffering enormously as disease, diabetes, alcoholism and so on, plague them. Mostly they live in a one room shed which is stifling hot in summer and freezing in winter. They have virtually nothing and cannot assimilate into western society unless they have education, money and can perform work for rich masters.

Are these the people Michelle Obama wants the world to feed because hunger is rife here as well. None of these people understand about pollution, contraception, family planning or just what it is for which they are paying such a heavy price. Those living in comfort in rich countries have no idea just how their wealth is destroying the world. The rich are exionerated of all blame for global warming as they go about their business on a daily basis.

The picture shows descendants of African slaves trying to survive in Haiti months after the earthquake. The scene is reminiscent of Seweto and so many other squalid regions where such people were taken to. They live in humpies and have nothing and the west is now oblivious to their needs. Are these the people Michelle Obama wants to feed?

Is it right to destroy the habitats that native people and animals depend on?

Should we force a change in thinking about these people?

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Should native people be given back their lands?

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Is World Hunger Preventable?

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      Most certainly a very disturbing trend. Millions of people are starving in the name of commerce! Thanks for the eye-opener.