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Sustainable Living

Updated on October 11, 2014

Preparedness & Sustainable Living in a Chaotic World

Practicing preparedness, survival and sustainable living in the face of an unstable world? Wise. The 'silver lining' amidst chaos will come from those who were prepared, with emergency preparedness supplies as well as the mindset and attitude toward these changes.

We all would prefer to believe that the economy is just fluctuating as usual, and will recover. Yet financial analysts and historical trends research predict otherwise, a period of both great risk and great opportunity.

Opportunity? The massive changes are inevitable, yet those who are prepared might thrive despite the chaos.

Global Economy and Pandemic Facts - Five reasons to make preparedness, survival and sustainable living a priority.

  1. Global central banking systems are exempt from laws, and use this power to manipulate economies in corrupt ways (see fractional reserve lending system below). In the US, the Federal Reserve Bank prints paper money to oblivion, while owner Ben Bernanke allows big banks to profit while avoiding paying off America's debt.
  2. The power of corporations over governments is out of control. "...the secretive cartel of powerful money managers who exercise disproportionate influence over the conduct of public policy" ~ Ron Paul
  3. Politicians ignore corruption or even support it, allow others to control politics in the nation. This is known as plutocracy, not democracy.
  4. Media is controlled by government, actual news only available beyond mainstream media. Efforts are clearly made to manipulate the economy to create a facade of hopefulness for recovery (called Quantitative Easing) have have been repeated ...QE1, QE2, and now QE3.
  5. Historic trends research reveals specific patterns leading to a situation where the fiscal environment in a country can change overnight. Of those patterns, six out of seven have already taken place in the US.

federal reserve
federal reserve

What is Fractional Reserve Banking?

An Important Economic Concept to the Big Picture

It means banks can issue loans based on a small fraction of money they actually have in reserve. Money reform supporters contend that this practice must be abolished, that national debt can only be erased by ending the fractional reserve lending system. By the way, the 'fraction' is in some cases only at 3-4%! So then 95%+ of loans held at banks are backed by nothing at all but debt.

Then there's the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the central bankers' worldwide bank. It is above all governments, and is even exempt from the laws of its host country, Switzerland. The BIS has the power to impose changes in the capital reserve standard (ie. fractional reserve) which can and has destroyed entire national economies overnight. One change in the required fraction of this capital reserve standard can throw a country into an economic mess...and it has.

The BIS, when combined with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank, can be compared to a worldwide version of the US Federal Reserve System. Economists argue that Great Depression was caused by this very source of power over fractional reserves which leads to monetary contraction, that the depression was the direct consequence of poor policy making by the Fed. A much more in depth discussion of fractional reserve banking is discussed in "Money Masters" by Milton Friedman. Also, "End the Fed" by Ron Paul and many other titles discuss the real shadows behind our economic woes in great detail, and this discussion lends to all hope for real reform revolving around the practice of fractional reserve banking - and the need to abolish it. Is it too late? To rein in the enormous power that has grown for decades over central banking will be no small task.

Peter Schiff: About the US Economy - The Real Crash - Is the US Economy on the Mend?

The Real Crash
The Real Crash

You might think the US economy is maybe on the mend, that the worst is over. Expert economist Peter Schiff advises...NOT!


Beyond Mainstream Media News

Find accurate and unbiased reports online.

Is the economy REALLY on the mend?

Economic forecasters with a solid track record for accuracy predict otherwise.

Is economic collapse in our future?

Due to fractional reserve banking and debt currency in 2008 alone, a staggering $50 trillion in wealth was erased around the world. Erased!

"Meltup" Film - MUST SEE Documentary from the National Inflation Association (NIA)

Producer of this Oscar winning documentary, Ferguson, believes that... "Americans, who lost homes and jobs in the millions because of shady mortgage lending and bank collapses, are disappointed that nothing has been done...Unfortunately, I think that the reason is predominantly that the financial industry has become so politically powerful that it is able to inhibit the normal process of justice and law enforcement."

The Secret of Oz
The Secret of Oz

You might never view "The Wizard of Oz" or our economy with the same way after watching this award-winning documentary. The Secret of Oz is a thought-provoking analogy that picks up on the symbolisms from author L. Frank Baum. This incredible film presents history in a compelling way. The yellow brick road, the silver slippers, the Emerald City, the mindless Scarecrow, the heartless Tin Man, the cowardly Lion, and even the witches and flying monkeys have meanings that you will find fascinating.


"The Secret of OZ" Film and Economic Symbolism - Voted Best Documentary of 2010

Voted best documentary of 2010, Bill Stills narrates this film of uncanny symbolism between US economy and the tale of the Wizard of Oz. Follow the yellow brick road through historical factual events and people along with their fantasy counterparts from the legendary tale written by L. Frank Baum in 1900. The original written version of this tale includes details that indicate such symbolism in a way impossible to comprehend from the film version alone,.

"The Secret of Oz" is loaded with powerful symbols of monetary reform. These were the core of the Populist movement and the 1896 and 1900 presidential bid of Democrat William Jennings Bryan. For example, the yellow brick road is the gold standard and the emerald city of Oz represents greenback money, Did you know that Dorthy's slippers were originally made of silver and not ruby? Or that the shiny silver referred to silver coins used as currency? The silver slippers were the symbol of the belief that adding silver coinage to gold would provide much needed money to a depression-strapped, 1890s America.

The symbolic characters and the incredible double-meanings of their actions as they relate to economical shifts and changes during that era and its effect on the present are brilliantly portrayed in this important documentary.

occupy wall street
occupy wall street

Quotes about the Economy and Depression

"Are we so deluded & foolish to believe that unions & public labor caused America's financial collapse?" ~ Edgar Allen Poe

"I know of no severe depression, in any country or any time, that was not accompanied by a sharp decline in the stock of money, and equally of no sharp decline in the stock of money that was not accompanied by a severe depression." ~ Milton Friedman

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." ~ George Orwell

"What remains of democracy islargely the right to choose among commodities. Business leaders have long explained the need to impose on the population a 'philosophy of futility' and 'lack of purpose in life' to 'concentrate human attention on the more superficial things that comprise much of fashionable consumption'. Deluged by such propagandafrom infancy, people may then accept their meaningless and subordinate lives and forget ridiculous ideas about managing their own affairs. They abandon their fate to corporate managers and the PR industry, and, in the political realm, to the self described 'intelligent minorities' who administer power." ~ Noam Chomsky

The key political argument

against an independent central bank

is about too much power and discretion

given to a small group.

occupy wall street
occupy wall street

Take Positive Action Toward a Better World

Be a part of the Solution!

The ultimate goal once people become aware is to then transform the inevitable anger, fear, and despair about what's happening on the planet into energy that can be used for POSITIVE actions, such as:

* Access the power of community and heal our relationship with the Earth.

* Gain skillful means to support effective personal and social change.

* Apply strategies of expanded consciousness for problem solving.

Your turn: comments about sustainable living? - ... or the economy, emergency & disaster preparedness, or ???

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    • goldenrulecomics profile image


      4 years ago from New Jersey

      You have a very interesting take on economics. Thanks for sharing.

    • emmesinger1 profile image


      6 years ago

      No shooting the messenger at all! Critical topics here. Of course it's more comfortable to postpone thinking about them; but that's more a disaster plan.


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