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Nasty Business

Updated on October 6, 2010

In July 1983 the KGB unleashed a Denial & Deception operation aimed at the United States of America. The purpose of the disinformation program was to create an illusion that the new epidemic that was ravishing the world and in particular the continent of Africa was indeed a man-made disease created in America. The goal of this paper is to examine the United States Government’s Active Measures Working Group (AMWG) and its Counterintelligence effort in combating the threat of the KGB operation INFEKTION and the lasting ramifications of being drawn into such a twisted “chess match.”

INFEKTION- An Overview:

Some could come to the realization that the utilizing of the emergence of a pandemic as a form of covert action is a heinous act, and reprehensible behavior for the government of a civilized nation to commit. However Moscow’s decision to perform such an atrocity speaks to the level of contempt that Russia held and many would argue still holds toward the United States of America. There is speculation that after the USSR defeat in Afghanistan in 1979, combined with the hard line that the new American President Ronald Reagan was upholding toward the Kremlin; one theory could maintain that the leaders of the USSR quite simply succumbed to their own paranoia and “snapped.”

Moving forward it could be conceived as unconventional to associate the mental state of a nation’s leader with the actions of the leadership as a whole; however when a analysis of Yuri Andropov, General Secretary of the Communist Party mentality at the launching of INFEKTION, and we find a “dark & mysterious” who led the KGB via a very proactive counterintelligence program during his tenure as Chairman. Mr. Andropov was a conspiracy theorist extraordinaire embattled with terminal kidney failure that led to his death, after only two years in power as the pinnacle of the Communist Party. Suffice it to say these were exceptionally “dark days” at the Kremlin, and of course the cause of the angst in Moscow was attributed to the “main enemy- (glavny protivnik)” (1), the United States of America. Thus Operation INFEKTION was unleashed!

INFEKTION- The “Game”Begins:

The KGB cunningly began to weave its web of deceit on the Subcontinent of India; utilizing an Indian newspaper entitled the “Patriot”as an easel to paint a monstrous portrait that portrayed the United States as the chief manufacture of the AIDS virus. In a stroke of diabolical genius the D&D specialist at the KGB Center implied that the University of Maryland campus in Lahore, Pakistan, was only a “front” whose real purpose was the creation of biological weapons. This portion of the disinformation process, naturally sent a wave of fear throughout India; as Pakistan being India’s mortal enemy, the KGB’s Service A strategy was operating soundly. Moscow recognized that not only did world view America as imperialistic monolith, but also the Kremlin knew that there was a large segment of American society that held the U.S. Government in contempt, and naturally KGB preyed on this weakness that many would say still exist in American culture today. American entities such as the “Church of Scientology, which had documented biological agent experiments in the 1950s; CIA-sponsored testing of drugs on humans during the same time period; and the development of biological weapons until the late 1960s at Fort Detrick” (2) the aforementioned descent perpetrated by the Church of Scientology played right into Moscow’s hands, as they demonized their longtime nemesis the United States of America. Perception being the powerful influence that it is on human nature it was simplistic to brand the USA as number one enemy of all of humanity as accusations implied that America selfishly and arrogantly utilized the continent of Africa and her people as one gigantic lab and unwitting test subjects for the deadly AIDS pandemic. Now Moscow moved into the next phase of the operation, which was to bring fear and panic to the not yet emerging India thus reinforcing image of the USA as monsters that have no regard for the less developed regions of the world. Unfortunately that perception of the United States still exist today; partly because of the diligent disinformation efforts of the KGB’s Service A throughout the Cold War.

INFEKTION- United States Counterintelligence Countermeasures:

In an effort to combat the KGB’s Active Measure’s program the U.S, Government created the “Active Measures Working Group (AMWG), an interagency committee chaired by the Department of State, and including representatives of the CIA, USIA, the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA), and the Departments of Defense and Justice.”(3) AMWG immediately went to work countering the Soviet’s disinformation program via close surveillance, reaching out to the Western media, and direct confrontation with KGB agents.(4) However some may point out that the AMWG’s most daunting task was overcoming the perception of its own citizens who have a natural propensity to mistrust the government. That being stated AMWG counterintelligence marched on with opening up a dialogue with notable American scientist who exposed the KGB stories for the fabrications that they were. The chief Soviet agent who was used as an “expert” regarding AIDS was the retired East German biophysicist Professor Jacob Segal. Dr. Segal was a Jew who fought with the French Resistance against the Nazis in WWII. Speculation leads to that was when his ties to Soviet Intelligence began. Dr. Seagal maintained that the primary point of creation for AIDS was at Fort Detrick in Maryland. AMWD countered those type of allegations by enlisting the opinion of “Segal’s nemeses Dr. Zhdanov, who stated categorically that “an AIDS virus has not been obtained artificially.”(5)

In closing the United States Government performed a joint Counterintelligence operation of monumental proportions. The American CI community did so by not acting out in a reactionary manner, even the disinformation operation run against America was especially cruel even by KGB standards.However they neutralized the threat by utilizing rational countermeasures and eventually exposed the truth! However unfortunately the ramifications of being drawn into such a battle is once more perception itself. As most of world maintains this harsh view of America and sadly many American citizens themselves:

“In their conspiracy-driven world view, it was plausible to assume

that AIDS was indeed the result of US biological warfare

experiments.” (6)


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Operation INFEKTION Soviet Bloc Intelligence and Its AIDS

Disinformation Campaign by Thomas Boghardt


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