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Yanomami Indian Tribe Amazon Brazil

Updated on October 10, 2014

Yanomami - An Indian Culture in preserved in the Amazon

The Yanomami is one of the largest Indian tribes in the South American Amazon. With a population estimated to be between 15.000 to 24.000 people spread among many small tribes within the 9.419.108 hectares of Yanomami territory which is largely within Brazil and goes until Venezuela. With over the 700 years of linguistic development the Yanomami not only have a language of their own but also have preserved the most natural way of living, by continuing to live in the middle of the forest, as hunters and gatherers, totally away from contact with the white man and most importantly civilizations. In this page we will feature a collection of pictures and facts about this amazing culture that lives an amazingly simple, pure and self-sufficient life but is constantly threatened by the advance of civilizations.

The Yanomami Village & Tribe

The Yanomami Village often constitutes of multifamily houses, that are cone or rectangular shaped named "yano" or "xapono", created with dried leaves and trunks. These multifamily houses have their own laws and rules and they often encourage marriage within the same family group. Today the Yanomami Tribe struggles to preserve their Amazon land and their style of life against the reach of the white man, who often takes over the Amazon for mining, ranching and other types of criminal invasions. Sadly the government of Brazil fails to protect this amazing tribe who has been living in the Amazon for thousand of years. With a population of over 20.000 people living in 200 to 250 tribes the Yanomami tribe struggle to maintain its way of life and will continue to fight for their rights to live freely as Indians and to explore their land for many years to come.

Yanomami Tribe

Yanomami Curiosity

The Yanomami classify as "Nape pe" all the humans that do not live in the forest and utihi teri all the people that are not Yanomami and that members of the society. Coincidently it is the term that also designates enemy in their language.

Yanomami culture
Yanomami culture

The Yanomami Culture

The Yanomami's have the reputation for being fierce people, but unlike their reputation they are a very peaceful tribe that cherish their way of life and their culture. Living artifacts, the culture of the Yanomami tribe has not changed for thousands of years given their isolation from the modern world; and it is truly very fascinating to observe their day to day lifes. They wear very little clothing if any, they paint and pierce their bodies and they are known for being gardeners and hunters that produce and kill a variety of species located in the Amazon in order to survive. In addition men and women have very different roles and they permorm very different tasks. The men in the tribe are the dominat force and are responsible for the hunting and sometimes cooking however the women are the ones responsible for most of the hard physical work of gathering wood, water and other elements need by the tribe. In addition women often tend to all the needs of the men and often suffer physical abuse by the men in case they are not pleased since it is a machismo culture, but very loving as well as men do tend to respect the women and the roles are so embedded that they are very happy with it and it all works in a very harmonious way.

Great Short Documentary about the Yanomami Tribe

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