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Your Public Library_A Resource For Cultivating Your Mind Today

Updated on January 29, 2013

A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life. Henry Ward Beecher

I have spent enormous amount of my leisure hours at the public library in the years I have lived here in Fairfax County. Now days we have computers for use in all public libraries in my library as well as likely the local public library of the reader, thanks to a generous donation from a foundation associated with Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corp.

Often in my experience in looking for things I may be going to the library, I have found other things that is valuable to my topics that I found in the library valuable that Iwasn't looking for. Nearly half of my lense topic did not come magically from my brain but was catalyzed accidentally when I found an item in a magazine, book or newspaper or in the library computer where I found the item for the first time and recognized I had an interest or prior knowledge or interest relating to that topic.

So, this is one example of how the public library has expanded my mind and added value to my goal to cultivate my mind.


Fairfax Public Library: One of the Top County Libraries in USA

My Source of Knowledge On Ben Franklin Wisdom & Success Models For Life

I hope dear reader, that this experience I have shared here can add to your own inspiration in life and help you seek out "great minds' and "great stories' that can add to your own goal of cultivating your mind by "self help" and "mutual help" as the legacy left behind by Ben Franklin.

In fact, that's how I started Café Twin CTV, a few years ago, joining together with a few Community Producers like myself to form an informal club of artisans and innovators on a "Ben Franklin" Junto Club Model.

Now with avaiablility of tools of community tv and the internet tools, and availability of eBooks as they develop further, the goal of culturing one's mind will become even more enjoyable and convenient.

Hear reason, or she'll make you feel her.

Benjamin Franklin

Franklin's Junto Club Meeting at their Subscription Library - eBooks at the Public Library Today


There are two ways to get eBooks from Fairfax Public Library.

Recently I learned the use of eBooks. There are now pocket eBook readers I have seen few people on the metro using, so much more convenient than a big thick book to carry around ! But my introduction to eBooks is via the public library.

I had found a classic book I needed to check out, but the copy of this book was not available and so I resereved it from another branch. In the meantime, with a little help from the branch librarian, I was able to identify that a eBook version of this book was available for review on line ! What an amazing convience.

So, I went home turned on my computer, checked into the Public Library On Line services, and following easy to learn procedures, I got access to this valuable book on line to do the work that needed to be done immediately as now I could do., thanks to this new on line service from the public library. This particular book could not be checked out as a eBook as many others available that can be. But for my purpose, as was already familiar with this book, having read it few years ago when it came out first, just by able to access the book on line made it easy for me to complete my lense on this topic.

Genius without education is like silver in the mine.

Benjamin Franklin

How Can Science and Technology Be Made to Serve Society ? - A Key question to ask now, for each of us__Lunar Society Members (Ben Franlklin) asked this as club


B.F. Skinner's Classic "Walden Two" as Science Based Community Design - Addressed to GIs Comming Home From World War II in 1945__Remember ?


Public Library Photo Album 01

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Which book was it that I read via eBook ? - On Line Service of Fairfax Public Library


__A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life.

Norman Cousins

An Intro to Friends Producer Ed - and His Community TV Show "Out Of The Past"


Been to Robert E. Lee's Back Yard Lately ? - PS: I have ! Now it's Called National Cemetary at Arlington, VA


Metro Stop__Arliingotn Cemetary on the Blue Line

Introducing Friends Producer, John Monsul - Ad His Community TV Show, "Communicating Today


Just Completed his 600th Award Winning Community TV Show over 20 year period as a community service activity.

Thank you John !

Introducing A "Northern Virginia Community Pride" Music Band - at "Communicating Today" Show Broadcast at Fairfax, VA


Photo Album 02__Arts and Science Bridge - to Community of Vitalty__Fairfax VA__Hometown USA

Click thumbnail to view full-size

"Inexpensive Early Diagnostic Tools" - via Small Tech Biz community at NOVA T Fairfax VA Community


An Opportunity for Technology Development via Existing Resource to be combined with Motivation and Incentives

An Existing "Success Model" for informal learning - and building trust to overcome the "Knowing-Doing" Gap in Tech Biz Community


A Modern Seeker of Knowledge - combining Old Tools with New !


Comments Welcomed Here ! - self-help and mutual help !

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      we didn't visit our library for a long time! I owed $24 in late fees. Once I did have the extra money I paid it and we've not missed many weeks since. So much to offer.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Public libraries are a vital part of democracy and education, but they are increasingly facing threats of steep funding cuts and of multiple branch closures. For example, in the UK: Will there be any public libraries left in ten years time?


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