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Fear of the Unknown

Updated on March 12, 2015

Is that my son?

As the stroke of midnight passes, the sound of quietness distills the earth and all of a sudden, gunshots or rumors of violence rang out in the streets. Fear and trembling is once again on the run, as another brother’s helpless body a waits to be identified by the next of kin. It is at that place of chaos, that a silent women who carried a son for at least six- nine-months wonder, “Is that my son?” In the African American male culture, the rise of homicide is not a gamble, fairytale or make-believe-it is reality. According to research from the Centers of Disease control, homicide is the leading cause of death among African American males. Research has proven itself over and over again that at least 40% of African American males die violent deaths. Due to the vast reports in media, such as CNN, Fox news, NBC and ABC news, many journalist and communities will agree that no research is needed to know the cause of death for at least 40% of African American males.

What is the relationship between the Law and AA males?

Why are males running and who initiates the shooting? Although the stories of many African American males seem like a re-run, the truth of the matter is the issue must be addressed. When reviewing the stories associated with all parties involved, one can find that fear and anger were both present and unfortunately anger wins. Why are our males so angry? Is it because of the issues of the world or is it that society just do not know how to handle certain males? Why is it always a struggle before death? Why can't peace be the solution to the problem or just doing the right thing? Why is no one being held accountable for such tragedies of our youth? Is it because our youth resist arrest or become angry when asked a question or is it that some of our youth are being stereo-typed? What is it?

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Why are AA males being hurt in the streets?

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