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Should Youth Enter Into Politics Or Not ?

Updated on June 11, 2010

Hearing word politics the first thought which comes to our mind is

corruption and we conclude by saying that politics is bad or politics is

dirty. But is really politics bad? No, politics is not bad it’s the people who

have made it bad or dirty.

Our country needs educated youth to come up and join politics. The

future of our country is today’s youth and it is our responsibility to work

for our country. It’s a need for our country to elect right government Educated youth are desperately needed in our politics. Youth can work

harder, can be more innovative and can contribute towards the development of our country more effectively.

For example, Rahul Gandhi a youth politician and a role model for

many has really worked harder for the nation. No politician in our

country goes to the rural areas and talks or listens to their grievences .

Another example is of the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir

Mr. Omar Abdullah who is 38 years old and youngest chief minister of

our country. He worked with the firm determination and has brought

changes in the state. For the first time the elections in Jammu and

Kashmir took place peacefully without any violence.

During a speech delivered by Rahul Gandhi in Kochi he said

“The difference between a young person and an old person is that a young

person looks towards the future and an old person looks in the past”

Thus, there is a need for the young generation to enter into politics

and work for the nation. There are many corrupt people in our politics but we all need to change the system instead of criticizing it.

In a nutshell, youth should enter into politics because an educated youth can change the scenario of country in every aspect. He/She has the caliber to make our country develop. In our politics, we need educated youth for development of the nation.

by: Maneet Kaur


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    • profile image

      Likith 2 months ago

      Its nice

    • profile image

      mounika 14 months ago

      Young and educated people will join in politic they can definetly develop our country because young people have new ideas to change our country

    • profile image

      bhawna bisht 22 months ago

      I think young people always grow up.... india is a developing country till now.. our country needs educated youth to come up and join politics..and can work harder...

    • profile image

      chandan patel 2 years ago

      Youth should interest and join politics because youth have new idea for change systems

    • profile image

      chandan patel 2 years ago

      Youth should interest and join politics because youth have new idea for change systems

    • profile image

      Dinesh , Baripada 2 years ago

      you are right Magesh Naveen

    • profile image

      prince vikky chauhan 2 years ago

      in my opinion young men should go in politics bcz young men will think something new & old men will think nothing

      politics is not bad political people is bad thats'why u can participate in politics if u are a honest men and u want to do something for our country then political line is the best

    • profile image

      magesh naveen 2 years ago

      yes i accept it. that youth should enter into politics and make good changes like Anti-corruption. (BUT THE YOUTH WHO COMES TO POLITICS MUST BE HONEST FOR OUR COUNTRY , THAT'S VERY IMPORTANT ). AM I CORRECT........??

    • profile image

      so yadav 2 years ago

      I hate politics

    • profile image

      nirmal popli 2 years ago

      According to my views youth can play an important role in the development of the country. They can solve all the problems with there innovative ideas.They can work harder so they should join politics

    • profile image

      manjot 2 years ago

      Acc to me youth should participate in politics to change the present condition of our youth is a backbone of our country

    • profile image

      Ishi 2 years ago

      Perhaps students are mire suitable than grown up people because students are generous, large hearted ,patriotic and submissive...on the ither hand grown up peopke become selfish materialistic and narrow minded...

    • profile image

      Yuvashree 2 years ago

      Youngsters should not enter in to the politics because that not the work for them.......they wants to study and become a doctor,engeenering .......

    • profile image

      pratyush bajpai 3 years ago

      The first rule of politics is No one is parmanent friend and no one is parmanent enemy in politics

      It is a thought which comes from mind and every person has political thought.

    • profile image

      Suraj Yadav(R.Jhunjhunwala College,Ghatkopar,Mumbai) 3 years ago

      Politics is not that much bad it dems to be.......what youths need to do is to actively participate $ join politics for the well being and the development of the people and our country youths rise and JOIN POLITICS

    • profile image

      priyanshi 3 years ago

      According to me politics is not good and youth should not involve it but i need your opiniun in


    • profile image

      GAURAV 3 years ago


    • profile image

      sruthi 3 years ago

      India is a developing country till now.we hope that if youth enters, the whole system may be developed better than the past.ya youth should enter politics then only our country will be developed

    • profile image

      Future president(4 the woman) 3 years ago

      We'll not every young student who is studying politics are full of corruption,am still a third year student at Wits,everyone who hears my name just

      says the second version of Juju Malema and I denied it cause,future politicians don't follow in other peoples foot step knowing that they messed up

    • profile image

      trishala 3 years ago


    • profile image

      venkat 3 years ago

      nice comment priya

    • profile image

      Priya 4 years ago

      ya youth should come politics then only the country will be developed &the politics pattern will be changed

    • profile image

      Rahul Shetty 4 years ago

      Hello, I think of youth as a influencer, read about it. :

    • profile image

      siva 4 years ago


    • profile image

      bhati 4 years ago

      I think, that is our responsibility 2 work 4 our country, politics is not bad I also want to a part of politics n trying to change the face of politics.....

    • profile image

      muskaan 5 years ago

      i want to say some few word's about the "politics".

      in my opinion....politics is a creation and power to take a place. it is a given action of a future. so, every one have a right to participate in politics aspect but know a days there is a few young people are join in politics. The reason is that the old people cannot give a chance to young generation people for participating in politics.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      you said right but it is not practically worked the indian politics is a herdetory. the politisition elect and participated only one family

    • profile image

      SHAHBAZ HUSSAIN 5 years ago

      the idea "youth in politics" is itself procuring. as this generation has the newly born ideas, are more practical, more realistic and smart, youth should must opt politics as their career having patriotic and loyal beliefs in them. in every field we can see youth acquiring high post and positions whether it is firm, industry, banks or govt. obligations. the generation is changing on the tracks of youth,so why can't they join politics...

    • profile image

      salma 5 years ago

      in my opinion youth are not join in politics bcoz

      due to corruption....if one man enters in to politics the system which is present in our society would changes the person

      at lost he/she made mistakes .....and another person should increased in that catagery(corruption)

    • profile image

      Ajay.... 5 years ago

      Really nice one......

    • profile image

      Parul,Sonam and Kajal 5 years ago


    • profile image

      M.S. Srivatsan 6 years ago

      Should Indian Youth Join Politics

      Displaying the only post.


      The great philosopher ARISTOTLE said, “Man is by nature a political animal. “ Politics leads a nation from the lowest point to the zenith and also from zenith to abyss it completely depends upon the people who lead the politics in the country . If we talk about INDIA , INDIA is the largest democratic nation on this blue planet as well as the youngest nation in the world .Sixty percent population of INDIA is youth .Youth are the backbone of any economy, system or structure of any nation . They have great potential, and politics is the best way to channel this very potential towards nation building. The territories of INDIA are abound of natural resources but resources are not enough to build a strong and powerful nation . We cannot build an apartment just because we have bricks, cement and labor. We need an engineer, an architect.youth are the architect of the Nation. They can use its resources in the right way to build INDIA

      as the greatest nation on the earth when they join politics.

      But only joining the politics will not be fruitful unless and until Indian youth have no political insight and political reasons in their mind so that they cannot be exploited by the political mafia which happens to have strong hold on current politics.

      Recently we celebrated 62nd Independence Day of INDIA but still we are facing poverty, violence, communalism, regionalism, casteism and fundamentalism. The reason behind this is corruption. Corruption has embedded in Indian politics. It’s the responsibility of Indian youth to set a political insight and try to exterminate this corruption. But it is not so easy. Indian youth have the potential but they lack experience and vision.They can use their potential in the right-direction by the help of good-hearted-experienced politicians.

      At last, today's politics has been criminalized and crime is politicized. It is definitely inevitable for a man to breathe in the polluted atmosphere. This problem can be solved if we mix the potential of youth and the experience of right politicians and used it in right channel.

      over a year ago

    • profile image

      RACHNA GUPTA 7 years ago


    • profile image

      rachan gupta 7 years ago

      nice comment dear

    • profile image

      gayathri 7 years ago

      ha ha ha ha in my opinion that youth should not enter into the politics

    • profile image

      goodday uncle 7 years ago

      As an attempt to express and putting forth your viewpoint or poit of view.... its laudable. You deserve a moving prize.. which will be yours to ride with pride.

      Now.... you can aspire n desire because you deserve my dear liitle angel ....teetoo g would be feeling real pride.

    • profile image

      aaressbee 7 years ago

      WELL WELL youth represent the yearning for change which is condition precedent for growth.. we all know all/any growth.. all/any change requires a genuine as well firm belief nee commitment in the the mind as an idea to bring the change.

      Such an idea becomes inspired motivation which results in concerted steadfast acion/series of actions.The unity of thougt gets converted into unity of purposeful action and such a peaceful process of catalysing spontaneous empirical change is possible only throuh a political awareness.

      Being apolitical means remaining aloof,uninvolved static n rigid,we lose our right to desire n demand change. cannot usher change we cant bring progress. If the youth remainsaloof, peripherial and disinterested , one forfeits the right to criticise. We can cribble n cry lest we decide to TRY...and trying not crying will bring progress.