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What does it mean when a cat pees on you?

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Why do cats stare at walls?

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My dog bit me and drew blood - should I put it down?

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Can I feed my dog raw chicken breast?

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Best dog food?

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Is my dog normal

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My female cat continually slaps my Golden Retriever, my cat is 5 years old, Sheba is 2 years old.

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What animal makes the best pet?

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Why are pit bulls frowned upon?

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Why do people like pandas?

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My cat is dying of old age - what can I do to make him more at ease at home?

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Would you get surgery for your pet rat in this situation?

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Why would a cat start biting people?

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How do we build trust with a previously abused dog?

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Do you know Spanish Alano dogs?

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Do animals feel pain in giving birth?

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