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Pros and cons of learning a second language

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How To Learn Italian

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Have you learned a foreign language?

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What languages would you like to learn?

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Easy ways to speak a second language?

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Do you like learning foreign languages?

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How many languages can you speak, and why?

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Are you bilingual?

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How many languages can you speak fluently?

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How to learn foreign languages easily?

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Which language would you say is the most difficult to learn?

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Which language is easier to understand?

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What's the best source for learning a new language?

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What is your mind about the French? ^^

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How many languages can you speak?

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How do you learn a foreign language?

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Are there any good teaching ideas?

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Which foreign language would you like to learn? Why?

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Which language is easy to learn?

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What's the fastest way to learn a new language ?

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Is there other Filipinos here?

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What would you recommend second language?

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