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Do you believe in the death penalty? Why or Why Not.

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How does nature really prepare us for death?

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How do you cope with death??

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Is death really to be feared?

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How to cope with the loss of my Mother

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What do you think about splitting ashes?

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What do you think happens when you die?

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How often does the fear of dying affect you?

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Do you believe in life after death? Why or why not?

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Have you planned your funeral? If so, at what age did you do this?

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Why are we so afriad of death?

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Parents to blame for this?

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Do you believe that we only have 1 year left on Earth?

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Are you afraid to die?

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Can we(people) fear death when dead?

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What do you think has led to such a careless regard for human life?

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What is life after death?

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Do you fear dying?

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What are your thoughts on suicide?

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Is it possible to get painless death ?

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Why would you attend a funeral?

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Why do we feel death's presence ?

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Different ways to prevent suicide?

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For or against death sentence?

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What are your thoughts on cremation?

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What is the most beautiful thing to do the fight stress?

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What are your thoughts on the Death With Dignity Act?

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Where human goes after death?

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What if you only had a week to live?

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