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Is anyone else really really proud of our protesting country?

59 answers

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Why do you think kind hearted people are the most mistreated?

87 answers

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Why do people resort to name-calling when making a political argument?

15 answers

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Was Huma Abedin to blame for Hillary Clinton's loss?

25 answers

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What is the opposite of elitism?

8 answers

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Who are the 5 most influential people in your life, and why?

15 answers

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What will Donald Trump's taxes reveal?

4 answers

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Do you believe Trump was wiretapped before the election?

23 answers

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Why are police called 12?

2 answers

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Caught on film groping - should Senator Al Franken resign?

17 answers

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Why do so many people hate Fox News?

10 answers

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Do you support globalisation? Why or why not?

7 answers

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Can someone define what their, or anyone else's "fair share" is?

14 answers

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Do smart people scare you?

11 answers

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How did President Obama get the scar on his skull?

15 answers

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How one should move to bring a change in society?

13 answers

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How do you deal with being shortchanged in life?

27 answers

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Is there more evil in society today?

16 answers

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Why don't facts change a person's opinion?

49 answers

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Does being a good person even matter anymore?

10 answers

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Who is more dangerous--ISIS or right-wing Christians?

9 answers

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