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Jesus said, "Ye are all gods." What did he mean?

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What do you make of John 20:19-23?

15 answers

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What is sin?

5 answers

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To Whom did Jesus pray? Who resurrected Jesus?

7 answers

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Was Jesus A Liberal Or A Conservative?

6 answers

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Was Jesus A Real Person?

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How does one achieve immortality?

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Did Jesus rise from the dead as claimed?

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Can a Christian render judgment?

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Can 'being good' get me into Heaven?

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What do you suppose will happen when Jesus returns?

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What do you think about Jesus?

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How do you approach voting from a Biblical standpoint?

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What is Jesus' view on being wealthy?

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Do you believe that Jesus did exist? If so what is your proof?

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Explain the term Christian?

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what is anti christ?

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If Jesus is not God, who is He?

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Do You Think Jesus Christ was the most famous person who ever lived?

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Who is jesus - Guru or God?

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Do you believe in Jesus?

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How can a pastor like me make my church members to love me?

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Why did Jesus have a beard?

30 answers

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Why do people keep asking when a Jesus Christ will return?

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You might be a Christian if ..... (What)?

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Do You Think Jesus Was A Time Traveler?

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