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How To Become A Woman of "Power" or "Value"

Updated on June 13, 2016

What Are The Power Tools or Values Women Have?

It is very well known that before we start working on any trade, we identify clearly what we need to do and what we need to avoid in order to do the job. We are informed and trained as to the specifics, details and procedures of the company’s goals and desires. We get familiar with the tools we are going to use to accomplish our tasks and do our assignment correctly.

We have the same scenario as women. We have a specific task on this earth, and we have to do it well. We are builders, we are leaders. Nature has given us incredible tools to succeed in life, and we have to learn to use them correctly.

In order to build happy homes, and maintain good relationships, it is imperative for us women, to identify these tools, work with them, and learn to use them correctly.

And these are…















Sex Appeal






All these are our tools nature has given us to build happy lives. Unfortunately, some of these attributes have been badly used by women, often to manipulate and destroy, but when used correctly, you can reap incredible benefits and rewards in your life.

Becoming A Woman of "Power" or "Value"

Let's start with an exercise, so you can see how to use some of these tools to build a strong bond with your significant other and at the same time become a "Woman of Power."

For Example, he wants to go to the movies this weekend, to see a war movie. You want to see a romantic movie. This is not a life or death situation, but it is a give or take situation. If we don’t use our tool correctly here, and think ahead, it will harm us more than help us in the building of our happiness scenario.

Since we are women of vision, we are going to show him our support, encourage him to go together to his movie first. Show him understanding. You will let him know you will be very happy to see him have a good time, if that is what he likes.

But what about me, you may think. Don't worry!

Next time, when he invites you to the movies again, you will surprise him with the title to your romantic movie, the one you wanted to see last weekend.

What do you think he is going to say this time? Yes Dear! Thank you for supporting me last week, this weekend is for you. Let's go to your romantic movie!

Love, love, and more love. That is all he has for you, for placing his desires first the week before and making him feel like a king.

Now he feels obligated to respond to you the same way.

You initiate, you give the example, you guide, you direct, but he gets the glory!

This is the way to use your tools correctly.

Yes, all women will admire her, all men will adore her!

Be a smart woman, and learn how to become a “woman of power.”

Make Him Feel he Is The King!

How To Make Him Feel Like A King.

Make him feel special by offering him a massage when he comes home from work.

Have his favorite cup of wine and turn on some scented candles; these will create a feeling of calm and romance.

Let him know by actions, that you appreciate his hard work to support the home, and you want to show your appreciation by doing things for him.

He will appreciate your feelings and actions, and will be motivated to do the same for you in the future.

So you understand me correctly, I am not saying here we are servants for our man and we have to do anything they tell us. No, this is not my message.

Notice here the power you have. YOU are the one initiating and directing activities that can be reciprocated for you later. You are the one directing, without let him know you are. You are the one taking the lead at home, in relationships, projects, ideas, etc., but you are in the back-round giving him the glory.

Lead him your way, but have him think it is his way.

Using Those Powers Correctly

The power I am referring to is the influence we have in our relationship; over his feelings; and his decisions. With our actions we can make things last, or we can ruin everything in no time. We need to use our feminine intuition. We need to be a few steps ahead of them, we need to think and act fast.

For example: You know that he loves to watch the football games on the weekends, but you are not interested in watching TV all day.

Women generally leave them alone and go out with the family or their friends and he stays home with his old buddies, or just by himself. WRONG!

Think ahead. Think how much will you gain if instead of leaving him alone to watch his TV, you buy his very special snacks, some beer, prepare some sandwiches, join him for an hour, then take the opportunity to read your favorite book right there; siting close to him. This way he will feel your support, your care and understanding.

Soon he will realize you are making an effort to please him, so then, in return, he will do the same for you.

Don’t wait for him to start the cycle. You have to take the initiative. You take the lead.

Lead him your way, but let him think it is his way.

Mold Him Your Way

You are the woman with the ideas. You are always thinking ahead, giving, and always putting him first.

Start the trend.

One day I was looking at some pictures and found one of my husband’s with a sticky on the back, so that gave me the idea to stick it on my blouse close to my heart.

When he came home from work, and saw me with his picture glued to my blouse, he couldn’t stop laughing. He loved it, and kissed me over and over, and over again.

A few days later, I don’t know how he got into my drawer and did the same thing with one of my pictures. When I came home we couldn’t stop laughing. We created a fantastic moment, a memory and a deeper connection.

Use Your Knowledge

There is a problem with women today, and that is, they want to be pleased all the time by their husband or boyfriends. It is all, me, me, me. I want to go here, I want to do this, I want to do that.

Some man call this type of women; “Naggers”

Instead of becoming a nagger, think about him first. Ask yourself”

What does he love to do?

What does he like to read?

What is his favorite “toy”?

What is his favorite food?

Learn to know him just as you learn how to know yourself on chapter 2 of "Men Are Like Clay...Mold Him Your Way. Learn How"

See… the goal here is to think about him first; then about you second.

What? This may seem counterproductive to you, but it works. Why does this tactic work? Because when he sees how supportive you are with him, how understanding you are, then; he will do the same for you in return.

You may say: I am going to let him start the cycle first. Why do I have to do everything?

No, by nature, he will never start. You have to initiate the process. You are the woman with the right tools to do it. You have to lead the way. You are a “woman”, you have the “power” girl, use your tools and lead him your way!

In our next Chapter we will discuss:

"Learn To Think As A Man" "Desperate Dating" "Romancing Your Partner"


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    • srossjul profile image

      Julie S Ross 6 years ago from Irvine, California

      Thank you cloverleaf. Loved all your recipes last month. Thanks, you are very special. Keep it up!

    • Cloverleaf profile image

      Cloverleaf 6 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

      I just love the way you think, it's so refreshing! Thanks for all the great tips and advice for using those "power tools" to make him happy :) Voted up.

    • srossjul profile image

      Julie S Ross 6 years ago from Irvine, California

      Thank you for your nice comment Manthy!

    • manthy profile image

      Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Good Hub - I like the way you think.

      More women should be like you.