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Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Girl/Woman

Updated on October 5, 2016
It's great being a girl?!
It's great being a girl?!

Hey, GIRL! Are you glad being who and what you are? Did you happen to wish even one single moment in your life that you should have become a boy? Body, heart, and soul? Which do you think is better? Being a boy or girl?

Now, it's time to talk about what's been so good being a girl and its major drawbacks. Below is the list of advantages and disadvantages of being a "GIRL".

Advantages of being a girl:

  1. You can wear any kind of clothes and any color of your choice without looking odd. Wear white shirts with pink skinny jeans. Who cares? We are fashionable and it's a feminine color. You can wear tube, sleeveless shirt, skirts, shorts and any kind of clothes.
  2. You can wear men's clothes. We can wear men's clothes without them calling us lesbians. We can wear men's size t-shirts as our sleep-shirts but never would a man wear nighties at night, would they? We can stroll around in t-shirts and shorts and still able to look cute and cool. Men on girl's clothes look like a complete idiot.
  3. You can have as many hairstyles as you want. Short or long, straight or curly. It doesn't matter as long as you can carry and manage it.
  4. You can wear light and heavy make-ups. Make-up enhances our natural beauty. Men look gay in make-up.
  5. You don't need to pay for bills (dinner, snacks, drinks etc.). What's the use of our charms? Let men pay for you.:D
  6. You can be emotional and cry your heart out. You can cry as long as you want without getting ridiculed by others. You can be moody and blame it on your monthly visitor.
  7. You can take advantage of "Lady's first" rule. No need to wait for the long line. You got out of the vehicle first. In any instances, ladies are always prioritized.
  8. You can be with your girlfriend without anybody thinking you are lesbian. You can hug each other, hold each other's hands and sleep together. No one would think you're a lesbian. They would rather call you "best of friends".
  9. You won't regret piercing your ears.
  10. You can loudly scream when watching horror movies. Nobody cares! No one would think you're a stupid coward.
  11. You don't have to deal with heavy materials. No need to carry your baggage. Men will do it for you. If a girl refuses to carry heavy things, people would say we should be treated gently because we are delicate and vulnerable. Men who can't are pain in the ass.
  12. You don't have to waste 5-10 minutes of your day shaving your beard.
  13. You can paint your nails without seeming weird or gay.
  14. You can freak out over mice, cockroaches, and snakes without looking so foolish.
  15. You don't need to change your flat tire. Just wait until someone comes and show your damsel in distress expression to them. Surely, they will sympathize with you and do the repair for free.
  16. You don't have to do anything to prove you're a girl.
  17. You don't need to have a great career. You don't need a car and you don't have to have your own apartment (cheerfulnuts). You don't need these extravagant things to impress someone!
  18. A girl can accomplish almost anything in this world with a smile or a tear. (Hunbbel Meer).

Now that we know the advantages and benefits, it's time to open up the bad side and the disadvantages of being a girl. Let's broaden our mind girls!

Disadvantages of being a girl

  1. Periods. Arrgghhh... It's a monthly agony for girls. We always tend to worry about spots and stains within those tormenting days.
  2. Labor. We suffer the consequences. Giving birth is a matter of life and death. It's definitely the hardest thing a woman can endure.
  3. Inferior than men. Often, men mistreat women because they think they are inferior. But, this outlook is gradually changing over time. A lot of women nowadays are starting to make their own names and fame in our society.
  4. Unequal pay. Maybe because we do the lighter tasks than men?
  5. Most of us spend an hour or more in self-preparation before going out. Doing your hair, applying make-ups and fitting for the right dress is so time-consuming!
  6. Girls clothes are so expensive. Why is it that girl's clothes are 2x to 3x more expensive than men's? It hurts my pocket, you know?
  7. Moody. We can be moody even though we didn't wanna be like that. Blame it to your loyal visitor.
  8. Keeping your underarm hair-free. You wouldn't want to have hairs on your armpit, would you? Men with hairs on their armpits could be considered normal, but for girls, it's a major turn-off!
  9. You cannot go outside topless! Topless men gardening their front yard might look sexy but, never for a woman. You know what I mean.
  10. You have to have a purse or handbag when going out. You wouldn't want to bring along your beauty kits in your hand. Much less, would you ever not want to bring them?
  11. Shaving! Shaving your legs is a pain in the ass! Doing the other part(you know where..haha) could be more painful as well :D (crackers10)

Do you wanna be a girl or a boy?
Do you wanna be a girl or a boy?

There you go! What a long lists. So far today, that's all I can think of. Now, have you made up your mind? Are you happy and thankful being a girl? or you are still the other way around?

If you think I missed something, you can state and share it here and I will be glad to add them on the list, of course with your credits. I am planning to do the advantages for boys/men too but, I know I'll be having a hard time doing it because I am not a man. "So, I am asking other hubbers to make the counterpart of this hub for your favor this time. Then, if you won't mind, you can give me your link to connect our articles. What do you think of that? A nice idea right? Well, for me it is... "

I am taking this one out now... Finally, one hubber had granted my request. No other than mrpooper... After reading this hub, you may read the Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Male this time...XD

If you are given a chance to choose, will you be a girl or boy?

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    • profile image

      Greninja 5 months ago

      I wish I was born a boy:(

    • profile image

      jay leslie 13 months ago

      i have always wished i had been born a girl!

    • profile image

      Hannah 3 years ago

      Very cool website with some helpful information. Helped me a lot with my homework :) Thanks.

    • Kalafina profile image

      Kalafina 3 years ago

      Some of these made me laugh but I would definitely not go for others. Like letting men pay for things when out at a bar. No free drink is worth dealing with some guys. I say no at times because I just want to enjoy a night out without interruptions. Also, there are times I hate waiting for a man to do something. Sometimes you just want to pick up your luggage and go. Saves time :)

    • profile image

      Pauline 4 years ago

      Giving birth is like pooing a bowling ball. When the time comes demand all the painkillers you can get!

    • profile image

      Noor 4 years ago

      Hi everyone

    • profile image

      hmm 4 years ago

      Many of these points aren't even valid. I'm disappointed that you commented that perhaps women get paid less because we have lighter work. That's not true. It takes women nearly 16 months to earn the same pay that a man of equal education, position, and skill would earn in 12 months. As for having men pay, it depends on the guy and girl. And some girls do get stuck carrying heavy loads, fixing their flat tires, etc. because they just are unfortunate enough for other people to ignore them (whether because they're around unfriendly people, or guys don't find them "attractive" enough to help). It's not that chivalry's dead, it's that common courtesy and consideration seems to be under the norm. I do agree, though, that we girls do get to wear a larger variety of clothing, but our gender-specific clothes tend to be way too pricey--well, most feminine products are more expensive than those of men.

    • profile image

      smrudhy 4 years ago

      a girl din't go anywhere without fere

    • lzlpio90 profile image

      lzlpio90 4 years ago

      @Shinta: sure, no problem at all :)

    • profile image

      Shinta 4 years ago

      Hey! this one is very interesting and entertaining XD do you mind if I repost this in my blog? don't worry, I'll give the credits! :3

    • profile image

      Beci 4 years ago

      Another advantage :

      Do you know how great we lie and can just bat our eyes, put on something sexy, say some cute things - Then pretty much get whatever we want!

    • profile image

      Totorobob123 5 years ago

      This is the most rediculou thing i have ever read. Where is the feminism? Girls do not have to wear make up, shave their legs, take care of their hair, or carry around a purse if they don't want to. It is their individual choice to support the patriarchal industry that you are feeding off of. Also, women are not inferior to men in any way, men who act like we are are afraid of women laughing at them. They feed on the dominant feeling they get from putting themselvescin a position of power. As Margaret Atwood said, "Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them" I am not saying that all men are like this, most understand and respect that we are not a secondary sex.Women do not always do the lighter work than men, and i resent that you yourself accept that false notion. Granted, women do have to take time off for biological needs, but it all depends on their education. They are as equally important to society as those women who sacrifice part or the whole of their career for child rearing.

      I cringe at your ideas and i don't think you know what your doing.

    • profile image

      akshay singh 6 years ago

      the women are the most beautiful creation of god without them there is no world

    • profile image

      selam 6 years ago

      girls made the world beautiful.boys are nothing with out girls,they are like dogs on the street

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      While things like periods and hormonal influences are largerly out of a woman's control, the monthly discomfort is far out weighed by the ability to create life. A woman can even choose not to create life.

      If given the choice, my preference knowing what I know now would be to be a woman.

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 6 years ago from Germany

      Very interesting hub and funny, too. I never realized that we have more advantages than disadvantages being a woman. Voted up. Thanks for sharing.

    • lzlpio90 profile image

      lzlpio90 6 years ago

      Hunbbel Meer: Wow, really? With just a tear and a smile? That's so sweet of you.. Nice and thank you.. I will definitely add it to my list...XD

    • Hunbbel Meer profile image

      Syed Hunbbel Meer 6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan.

      "A girl's smile and a girl's tear can do anything remotely possible in this world"

      I guess, you girls do not anything else apart from this superpower! :P

    • lzlpio90 profile image

      lzlpio90 6 years ago

      Hello, mjane24

      I am glad you enjoy... thanks for reading...XD

    • mjane24 profile image

      mjane24 6 years ago from panabo city

      hi,nice articles its kind a funny.enjoy here

    • lzlpio90 profile image

      lzlpio90 6 years ago

      @sergs_pogi: hmmmnn, i think i would still prefer being a girl XD... thanks for the comment and sharing it...

      @shane: thank you for dropping by :D

    • profile image

      shane 6 years ago

      very nice!:)

    • sergs_pogi profile image

      sergs_pogi 6 years ago

      Hi. I like this hub. It's very entertaining and informative as well. I'm going to share this with my facebook friends. So how about you? If given the chance, would you choose being a boy or a girl? hahaha

    • lzlpio90 profile image

      lzlpio90 6 years ago

      @cheerfulnuts: your most welcome:)

    • cheerfulnuts profile image

      cheerfulnuts 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      wow, thanks lzlpio90 for adding my suggestion! :D

    • lzlpio90 profile image

      lzlpio90 6 years ago

      @KevinC9998: thanks for dropping by and voting up!appreciate it!

    • KevinC9998 profile image

      KevinC9998 6 years ago

      Very interesting article! Voted up. Thanks, Kevin

    • lzlpio90 profile image

      lzlpio90 6 years ago

      Thanks cheerfulnuts for your comment. check it out! i've added you suggestion to the list. Thanks!

      @crackers10: Check out your idea as well... it's funny!LOL

    • cheerfulnuts profile image

      cheerfulnuts 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Hi lzlpio90, you have very interesting (and funny) list here! I'm about to say that women are more vulnerable to groping, but then, I realized that men do get groped too! I guess men and women are becoming more and more equal these days.

      One of the advantages of being a woman is that women are not required to have a great career. They don't need a car, and they don't have to have their own apartment. Men don't care about these things when choosing a wife/girlfriend. Men, on the other hand, need a stable job, a gorgeous car, an apartment, and the list goes on. It's quite tough to be a man.

    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      Either way,you'd still have to be a good kisser:-))

    • lzlpio90 profile image

      lzlpio90 6 years ago

      Hi thanks for additional information! I will add your comment on the list... yeah,,, why did i forgot that! It's a pain, really.

    • crackers10 profile image

      crackers10 6 years ago from DreamWorld

      How about shaving our legs? Pain in the ASS! Bikini Wax.Pain in the...well you know where. lol


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