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Courting vs. Dating.

Updated on December 1, 2014


Relationships can be difficult because we're dealing with a personality that is not our own. The least we can hope for is finding that someone with whom we have something in common. If you're looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with then take your time in choosing. So often we begin relationships on emotions but with no feelings that we've captured a kindred spirit or a soul mate. Whether you believe in prayer or your intuition you'll need reassurance that your choice is right for you. Sometimes we become hung up on the physical aspect of our suitor. Tall, dark and handsome or sexual attraction and beauty seem to be enough at the time. While those physical characteristics are okay, we need to be sure we've met our soul mate or this relationship dwindles to an ugly ending. Avoid superficial beginnings and there will be happy endings. It can be interesting looking for that someone special. Test the waters. Look for loyalty; compassion; understanding; sincerity; honesty and look into the spirit and the soul. Courting, as opposed to dating, will help you in your discovery. Do both of you a favor and look before you leap.


Before becoming sexually intimate become familiar with your suitor. You just met, therefore discover the many attributes he/she may possess. Discover what you have in common with each other. Respect, commonality and love for oneself are at least three ingredients that make up a loving relationship between two people. An intimate relationship means understanding and knowing each others' needs and always there to comfort. Love has the effect of a rainbow - an array of beautiful colors that transcend your mere soul. So the next time you seek a partner connect the dots that connect the spirit and the soul. Courtship understands the heart, the eyes, the beliefs, the likes, the wants, the feelings, the walk, the smile and the mere existence. Dating creates emotions that defies the spirit, the soul and the heart. Keep in mind that you are also being courted and you both are looking for that rainbow. Love you so that others may.


There would be fewer divorces/break-ups if we choose our partners the way we choose our cars - for endurance, longevity, dependability and then beauty. The majority of us want a lasting and loving relationship, but we can't be too desperate to meet someone that we forget to use good judgment in choosing. Eenny, meeny, miney, mo won't work. We sometimes go into a new relationship with old stuff left over from our previous relationship or relationships. COMMUNICATION IS KEY.. We may not realize that we're bringing old baggage into our relationships. Communicate to each other that we maybe starting a new commitment with each other and we need to get rid of old ghosts. Be supportive of each others' past encounters and embrace the new beginning through understanding and love. When you have both decided to rid yourselves of old ghosts and ready to embark on this new revelation then we're ready to start anew. Welcome.


Ever wonder why marriages last 50, 60, and 70 years. What is the difference between then and now. Let's do a little digging. It's obvious that if they were married 50-70 years it was back when there were fewer distractions. Distractions like social media and our so-called role models who lead lives filled with superficial notions.. If we could go back to the days of courting I believe there would be happier relationships .Courtship allows for getting to know each other, therefore creating respect for each other and developing a relationship with the intent of having long lasting love with moral values. Courtship avoids all temptation to choose each other based on emotions, emotions made up of false feelings of love. Dating allows erotic feelings that are often mistaken for love. Test yourself based on dating vs. courting. The next time you meet someone you like inform him/her of your decision to test the theory of courting vs. dating. If they are willing participants let the test begin and if they are not willing move on because you are doing this for happiness.

The results should be able to sing praises in poems:

I'm willing to meet you halfway. I promise to let my heart lead if you promise to follow. Follow me if I stop judging. Follow me if I stop hating. Follow me if I am sensitive and understanding toward others. Follow me if I have a benevolent soul and follow me if I love for who you are.

Age describes our journey from then to now with wide-eyed wonder of just how beautiful were the roads we've travelled. Tough made it tender. Sadness made it happier. Rough made it smooth for that journey from then to now.

Thanks Life, I got It.

The End.


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