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Boys 2 Men

Updated on May 29, 2015

Just Be a Man About it

No woman wants to stay at home and play house with a grown little boy. Its 2015, either grow up or get lost! If a man’s maturity level doesn’t match his age, what can we really expect from him other than childish games? Ladies, we aren’t getting any younger, and pressure is on all women to find “THE ONE”. So much so, that women all across the globe are settling for anyone, instead of “THE RIGHT ONE”. Who’s to blame? Men, for playing the role of a gentleman and actually turning out to be shiftless? Or women, who complain about being alone, but doesn’t recognize a good man when she has one? Know your role. A man is thought to be stronger, vigilant, and more capable, but women are the very ones who birth men into this world and have direct control of how a boy may turn out in his adult life.

I don’t know a man out there who doesn’t want to be in the life of his child, but has to deal with a woman who is jealous, bitter, or angry for whatever reason. Regardless of how angry a man may get at the mother of his child, if he is a real man, his attitude toward her will not stop him from being in his child’s life. Be honest, a woman could never be able to provide what a father contributes to a child’s upbringing. Single women raise men all the time, and do a great job at it. We can nurture and train them to be positive and productive, but it’s nothing like a father’s role to reinforce what we teach. When lying down with a man take in consideration his actual ability to raise a child. I’m not that saying that each man you lie down with has “baby daddy” potential, but what I am saying is mistakes happen, so consider this when you decide to take things to the next level with a guy you’re casually dating. Is the man you’re sleeping with responsible enough to take responsibility if you should become pregnant? If you have to think for more than two seconds, then he is probably not.

FYI FELLAS! Boys create children, men raise them. If you are a male over the age of 21 your main focus should be to establish yourself, whether it be in education or financially. If you know that you have no desire to raise multiple children by multiple women, then USE PROTECTION! I cannot tell you how many cases there are of young mothers having to raise a child on her own because the maturity level of the father just isn’t there. It does my heart good, when I see young men caring for their children and being on peaceful terms with the mother of their child. I can respect that. I tip my hat to brothers who care more about their child than their baby mothers’ attitude. I see that as a sign of maturity and growth into the next level of manhood. Any man that has taken on the responsibility of raising a child, and does so with honor, has my applause.

As for you young brothers out here polluting the minds of these young females, ruining their bodies and subliminally demeaning them, I encourage you to reconsider yourself. You aren’t a man until you take full responsibility for your actions, in my opinion. How dare you take the very sister you are supposed to love and protect, and use her up until she is worthless? The worst thing a woman can do is fall in love with a boy posing as a man. Everything seems great, until a few months down the line when she realizes, this man is a child! It’s time to elevate yourself my brother. Get yourself a haircut, get yourself a job, and be a man! Otherwise, you will spend your entire life living off of a woman expecting her to take care of you when you should be taking care of yourself. Real men understand that.

I know a lot of young men who grew up without their fathers, I also know a lot of men who had their fathers in their life and still had no clue what a real man was. What men fail to realize is, these young boys need positive role models to look up to. If his grandfather was a hustler, and his daddy was too…what do you think his aspirations will be as an adult? It’s a never ending cycle that swallows up the greatness of our men. My brother educate yourself, and if there is no close relative that you can look up to, then choose a person you might consider wise. Whatever you need to do to elevate your mind, do it! There is no time to think like a boy when you’re already a full grown man.

It’s time to separate the boys from the men. The way society, television, and social media is carrying on, we have lost sight of what a real man looks like. What happened to the good old days where men would open doors and pull out chairs just to impress women? Days where women kept silent about their personal affairs just to keep men guessing about her. What happened to that classic man with a heart of gold? Today, men are pigheaded free loaders and women are just as bad for settling for instant gratification. There is a process that we all had to grow through during our time of puberty or maturity. For some, it took longer than others to tap into that sense of adulthood. That’s ok, there’s no rush… this is life. All I’m saying is, either you’re grown or you’re not, there is no in between. If you’re a man then be the man you imagine yourself to be. It’s a win or lose situation, swim or drown.

It takes two to tango, let’s be fair about the situation. It’s up to women to raise the standard of the type of man they allow into their lives and it is up to men who presents themselves as men to actually be men with honor and integrity. Here’s a thought ladies, maybe you attract low lives because you’re attracted to low lives. It doesn’t matter what background a man comes from, if he is passionate about being legitimately successful, he will defeat all odds set up against him. There are no excuses! I am so tired of men with felonious backgrounds complain about how it is so hard to find a job in society. Of course it’s going to be hard! No one wants to hire a 3x convicted felon with recent gun and drug charges. That doesn’t mean stop because you get a couple of no’s. All that means is you have to find another route to get to where you want to go in life. Females will always be here to stroke your ego and push you along the way, but don’t get so caught up in chasing after these good for nothing, ‘I’ll be yo baby momma’ females and end up stuck in a place where it is hard to escape.

Since my town is full of young men let me drop some knowledge on you:

“Your work will only be as good as your desire to do better. Never get to a point where you think you have mastered your skill and you ‘know it all’. There is always something to be learned in everything that you do. Take for instance…reading this blog. Brother, get legit. There are plenty of programs that will help you find employment, and beyond that there is always school or trade. Use your hands and your mind, and brother, you will go far. Don’t give yourself excuses, forget about who was never there for you, stand up as a man and get yourself together. Pray if you have to. As long as you can lie down at night with the comfort of knowing you are a man with purpose your days will be filled with joy. You can attract a woman more by building yourself up to be all the she needs than by being nothing while she is everything that you desire. Love finds its way. From my heart to yours…-Krissy”…

Remember back in the day when everybody wanted a “thug”? It used to be exhilarating to be a passenger seat rider with a “dope boy”. Young men knew the trend and they followed suit. Money attracts women, selling drugs gets you money. As we grew older we realized that thugs had no real future, no job history and buying a house with a “thug” is virtually impossible because he has no verifiable income. So with that being said, make the right decisions. It’s all fun and games when you’re living in the fast lane, until something horrible happens and you realize you should have never been in the car in the first place. I know guys who sold more dope than the pharmacist himself! They would spoil their women with money cars, clothes and shoes but as soon as he was behind bars the very female who tatted his name, swore by his creed, and promised to be there for life, forgot about him like a bad dream. Now he is upstate doing a bid, counting the mistakes of his youth day by day. It hurts to see a man with full potential spending years behind bars because of his past mistakes. It’s time to change habits and switch gears. Think about your future and longevity as a man. Can you use what you have gone through to help the next generation or hinder them? Women are created to survive, we’ll be just fine…men are expected to survive and sometimes they have no idea how.

Know your role. Stay in your lane. A man’s survival is based off the decisions he makes. Taking responsibility for your own actions is the first step. That’s the thing about society, everyone is in denial. Once we truly accept ourselves for who we are, we can find freedom of life. It’s really easier than you think. The more you climb toward success the less it will actually feel like a climb, you will begin to cover ground you never imagined if you just continue to press forward. I always wondered what that process was like, when a boy becomes a man…now I get to see it firsthand by raising my own.


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