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. . . I Love it When Girls . . .

Updated on February 11, 2015
Look at how this pretty girl is using her eyes to listen to her boyfriend
Look at how this pretty girl is using her eyes to listen to her boyfriend

Woman (a Mortal's) Definition

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • A woman is a female human. The term woman is usually reserved for an adult, with the term girl being the usual term for a female child or adolescent. However, the term woman is also sometimes used to identify a female human, regardless of age, as in phrases such as "women's rights".

  • "Woman" may also refer to a person's gender instead of their sex. Women are typically capable of giving birth from puberty until menopause, although some sterile, intersex and/or transgender women cannot. Throughout history women have assumed or been assigned various social roles.

Thanks to "one" hub, I have grown

Some time in my early HubPages membership, wrote this hub's counterpart without knowing it. The name of the hub was: "Don't You Just Hate It When Girls . . ." and I listed several areas and things that pretty girls do that can sometimes make us guys annoyed. These pretty girls do these annoying things simply because they know that they can get away with them.

Can I get an amen, guys?

It's a new day in my life

Now it is 2015, and I have grown as a man and as a human being. I have become more open, understanding, and sensitive. I feel so much better with these areas of growth. This is not to imply that I am grown, because there are lots more areas that I could stand more growth.

The name of this hub is: "I Love It When Girls . . ." and I truly enjoy each one of the things that I have listed. Sorry, but I did not list any pornographic or lude acts due to the policy set by HubPages. Honestly, I wouldn't list these acts if they were approved by HubPages, for being the old-fashioned man that I am, I believe that porno and other vulgar acts made by women who are paid by greedy men who work for greedy companies, is a pure degradation of women. To say nothing about a down-right robbery of their integrity.

I ask you, "Are these girls interesting or what?"

Looking good in black
Looking good in black
Beautiful hazel eyes
Beautiful hazel eyes
Emma Shepherd
Emma Shepherd
Pink looks great on a lot of girls
Pink looks great on a lot of girls
What a gorgeous blond
What a gorgeous blond
Posing is easy for pretty girls
Posing is easy for pretty girls
Pretty redhead
Pretty redhead
Emma Watson
Emma Watson
"Be there when I take this selfie!"
"Be there when I take this selfie!"

I feel so good at sharing

I know what the going argument is. "Kenneth, the girls you mention get paid well for exposing their bodies." I am not denying this fact, but I wil. end this with a question: "Does a gorgeous woman really have to stoop to such levels to be gorgeous in the eyes of lusting men?"

You already have my answer, so let's get with it on with . . .

"I Love it When Girls . . ."

  • EAT -- like baby birds. Girls nibble and take small bites in order to keep their feminine, dainty image intact. They always leave so much on their plates that I could eat their remnants and not get hungry for a week.
  • TALK-- like a group of songbirds. I am serious. Sit sometime in a mall and listen to three or four girls in their 20's sharing all about their schooling, boyfriends and graduation. Their voices are so pretty and their voices had to be created by God, our Maker. I could listen to them talk all day.
  • Feb. 11, 1:45 p.m., (central standard time)--when I finished this piece.
  • USE THEIR EYES -- to explain their viewpoint or listen to you express yours. I love watching how their eyes widen when a topic catches their attention and look down when something mildly causes them to blush.
  • TALK WITH THEIR HANDS -- I can testify to this fact one-hundred percent. I know this fascinating brunette who lives in the Mobile, Alabama area. Her name is Jody Kamins Harper. She and I used to work together at the same newspaper in the late 1980s, and when she really gets excited about a subject, up in the air her hands go. They swing in a calculated rhythm. I would wager that Jody is an excellent dancer. I used to love when she would want to discuss something with me just so I could see her arms fly around like a southern ballerina.
  • COVER THEIR MOUTHS -- when they laugh or they are surprised. Women of olden days used to do this to cover their laughter sounds for that was not lady-like. I am glad that some girls in 2015 are keeping this delightful tradition alive.
  • HIDE THEIR COMPETIVENESS -- from each other, if they are in a group. Girls are very competitive in most of the areas of life--sports, clothes, and mostly boyfriends. This is natural,s o do not freak on me. If another girlfriend comes around to join the group and talk, just watch the eyes of the other girls. They go up and down the other girl's body, dress or whatever she is wearing quicker than any laser-inspecting apparatus used by the C.I.A. or airport security. Sometimes when one of the girls in this group has to leave, (depending on how close they are) one girl just has to say, "Did you see her dress? My God! It was just sucking the life out of her it was so tight." Then another girl will chime-in, "Yeah, and her make-up was too much. She looked the part of a cheap French whore." That is competition.
  • ARE MODEST -- guys, I am honest. I do not appreciate girls of any age, not caring how much of herself she is showing in public. Whatever she does at her home is twixt her and The Lord, but in public, seriously? Some guys go nuts for a girl in a skirt that shows her butt when she reaches over to get her purse, but I am not one of them. I used to apologize for this, but not anymore. Girls who respect themselves and dress accordingly are the most-exiting to me.
  • HAVE A SCRATCHY-EDGED VOICE -- that to me, is very alluring. I have known a couple of girls years ago who had this type of voice. While I would listen to them, I was always tempted to ask if they needed to clear their throats. Marlo Thomas has a scratchy-edged voice and I love it.
  • ALLOW US GUYS -- to respect them by using manners such as pulling their chairs out for them, helping them with their coats, and letting them go first. Okay, feminists, do not get a torch and pitchfork after me. I am not saying that "these" girls are not empowered or liberated. I think that "these" girls are "more' empowered and liberated.
  • WHO LOOK GREAT -- even without make-up. Example: My pastor's wife is such a pretty woman from her twinkling blue eyes to her short hairdo. And she uses less-than-a-moderate amount of make-up and is very pretty. I used to work for a local television station in my hometown and the station owner's daughter was a true "knock-out," with her long blond hair, perfect figure and in my honest view, too much make-up. One morning, she and I had to tape our weekly talk show a bit early due to a production schedule mistake, and she came in wearing sweats, her hair up in a bun and NO make-up. She looks ravishing. I told her so and she rolled her eyes and said that she was hideous.

I wondered why she would say, 'hideous,' when a simple, "Thanks," would have been sufficient.

Is this possible?


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Sweet KissandTales,

      Thank you so much, and I return the compliment to you too. You are a terrific writer and person. I am so happy right now at just knowing that the Bronson thing made you laugh so much.

      When YOU and my followers are happy, then I am happy.

      Take care and talk to me soon.

    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 

      3 years ago

      You are a great writer ! Thank you for the honor of reading your many creative hubs on life. I am still laughing about Charles Bronson serious look ! lol! Thanks again.

    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Dear Kiss and Tales,

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment.

      Honoring ALL women and girls was my sole intention, and reading YOUR comments always gives me a smile.

      God bless you, Honored Friend.

    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 

      3 years ago

      A wonderful hub and a tribute to women and girls , coming from a man this is a great honor to read your hubs ,as always looking forward to your next hub! Thank you for sharing Kenneth .


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