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Myths About Women

Updated on November 25, 2014

Women are complicated.

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Women are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Women are like cute little pixies with pretty pink wings that fly daintily from one place to another, and create an illusion of beauty on all the things they touch. In fact, women are made of fragile glass that you have to be extra careful in handling them because you might break them into tiny pieces.

Well, that’s a fairy tale like sort of description for women. Yes, women might not be as physically strong as men, but women are not weak. Women may easily give into their feelings, but it is because they are just passionate about everything. Yes, pink might be a color attributed to women, but the color does not denote feminism because it is just the idea dictated by the society; besides men look hot when they wear pink (winks). Hence, it is appalling to hear that women can break into tiny pieces, just for the record, women do not because they are tougher than what they seem to be. The female species can be as calm as the sea in the summer a midst a fierce storm; they can appear composed and act unfazed in the middle of a raging battle. With all these, can we still say that women are frail?

There are a number of myths about women, and they may or may not be true but here are some lists:

1. Women are fickle minded.

I want the red one. Hmm…I think I’ll have the blue one instead. So, they say that women tend to change their minds in a span of minutes. This may seem like a mind boggling trait, but this is not so negative because it goes to show that women give deep thoughts to their decision then change it once they've considered the consequences.

2. Women love to argue.

I’m fine; a standard answer of the female species that literally means I am not fine and I need you to give me an answer that will appease the raging anger inside my heart. So, they say that women like to make a mountain out of a mole hill, but women don’t create an issue out of things just for the sake of arguing. When a woman gets angry then there is a valid reason, and all they need are the plain and simple truth which most men are trying their hardest to avoid.

3. Women are too mothering.

Where are you? Are you ok? Did you eat your dinner; these questions may seem to be too mothering at times, but what is wrong with being too caring? Women express their affection through these questions and reminders which clearly indicate that women just treat you dear to their hearts.

4. Women can talk for hours.

It leaves men baffled to know that women can actually chat for hours or longer whether be it on the phone or in person. Actually, women are more expressive than men; they can share anything to their closest girl friends about everything they feel which give them an emotional outlet which in turn can make them feel better.

5. Women are too soft.

If someone will handle the stick to ensure compliance from the children; it is the father, because as they say women are too soft to say no to their children. They can easily give in to a child’s tears which result to their children having their way. These reasons do not justify that women are soft, because women can be as tough as men in enforcing the rules to their children. Women are just subtle in instilling compliance to the kids, for women aim to make them follow because they want to and not out of fear.

6. Women believe in fairy tales.

Once upon a time… and they lived happily ever after. So, what’s wrong in believing in happy ever after? It might be unrealistic, but women would like to believe that a prince will actually make it to forever with them. Nevertheless, women are not that naïve to think that it will always be full of bliss; women are not looking for a perfect guy, because that is too much to ask.


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    • profile image

      MojopinOz 2 years ago

      I cannot vote either way as I don't agree with either statement, women are complicated, so are men! It takes effort for anyone to understand anyone!