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Need For Family Reunions

Updated on March 28, 2010

Family Tragedy

 Do you think there is a need for family reunions? If you do not think there is a need for family reunions, listen to this. While sitting around listening to my cousins talk after a good Thankgsgiving dinner, one of them told about a situation that made me see the importance of family reunions.

He told about a young lady, living in a small town in mississippi, who had a son that she left with her parents to raise. The girl left her parents home shortly after her son was born and never came back. Since her parents treated her the way some parents do when an unexpected pregnacy happens, she not only left, not to return, she never had any more contact with them.

She moved to St. Louis, landed a job, got an appartment, and never got married during those years of her life. After her son finished high school and junior college, he decided to move to St. Louis. After moving to St. Louis he decided to go to a bar one night. After a while in the bar, and a couple of drinks, he met an older attractive woman. They got to know each other and dated for a couple of years, before they decided to get married. During the first few years of their marriage two children were born.

One day they were sitting around talking about where they were born and their family. Guess what they eventually found out about their relationship. Yes, they are mother and son as well as husband and wife.

The son lived with this for a few years, then he commited suicide. After I heard this, I understand the real importance of family reunions, do you?         


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