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Secrets of Dating Taiwanese Women

Updated on March 10, 2012

Taiwan is one of the most wondrous countries in the world. There are many people that are taking up residence in this country as expats, visitors, or business men. There are also men that are going there because of the culture, values, and traditions of its people. While you are living in Taiwan, the chances of you falling for a beautiful Taiwanese woman are pretty good. But, there are some secrets that you may want to keep in mind.

1. Culture – Taiwanese woman are extremely different in their values, culture and traditions. This is why before you try to date a Taiwanese woman it is always a good idea to get to know their culture. They have a very rich and diverse culture that they are very proud of. So, knowing more about their culture and values will help you in attracting the perfect Taiwanese woman and not offend her or her traditions.

2. Family- Getting to know the family of the Taiwanese girl is very important. Meeting the family of your beautiful Taiwanese woman is a great honor. But, it is also a test on whether you are going to be accepted by them. If, you do not make a very good first impression then she will be told by them, and you will no longer be in her life. So, get to know as much about her as you can before going to meet her family.

3. Laugh – nothing attracts a beautiful Taiwanese woman to your side then the ability to make them laugh. If, you have a great sense of humor they will love you. Beautiful Taiwanese woman love to have fun. So, if you can make a Taiwanese woman laugh you are golden.

4. Adventure- many Taiwanese love to experience new things. So, if you want the perfect date then take them somewhere that are unique, fun and interesting. There are many places all over Taiwan that they have probable never been. So, do some research and see what you can find out about this locations fun and exciting places to be.

5. Respect- Nothing is more important to a Taiwanese woman then to have respect for the person, she is dating. They are use to having a dominate male in their life that takes control when situations arise that need it. They also want someone who is going to respect them and their ideals. If, someone else disagrees with them, they expect you to stand behind them and defend them.


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