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Super Models - Wise Women (Part 1)

Updated on September 18, 2009

Oprah Winfrey

Who is a wise woman?

Wise women are very intelligent, clever and sensible and these are some of their attitudes:

They don’t have babies for the wrong reason

Some women have a baby so that the man would marry them. Its not a good thing to get commitment from a man using pregnancy. Some men fall into this trap, get married to the woman but end up resenting her and eventually split up. Other women have babies because they just want someone to love.

A wise woman doesn’t fall for the status of a man

Naturally, women are attracted to powerful men but what happens when he loses his status? Will they still be in love with him? Some women, when talking about the new man in their life - say, “Oh he is lovely, he drives a convertible BMW, owns a few companies and lives in a Pent house etc In these times of recession wouldn’t it be easy to fall in love with him? Heaven forbid, the day he loses it all, they automatically fall out of love.

Wise women don’t get involved with married men

They are not home-wreckers. People reap what they sow in life – It’s a law of Karma. If you do it to a marriage, someone will do it to yours. Also, some men just want some escape from pressures of home and once the pressure is over they warm up to their wife again and dump you. Then you get angry saying you feel used and abused.

Hillary Clinton

Don’t see expensive gifts as a sign of love.

In relationships it’s the heart that matters not the Purse. Whether he takes you to Pizza Hut or The Ritz for a meal shouldn’t matter. A £500 or £5,000 engagement ring shouldn’t make a difference to your love.

Wise women don't compare old boyfriends.

If you talk to your partner comparing him with old boyfriends he might feel like he has to live up to a certain expectation and also feel that he is not doing enough. This could make him uncomfortable in the relationship.

Avoid rushing to the Altar.

Your biological clock might be ticking but its better to get to the altar late and have a long fulfilled happy marriage than to rush to the altar and divorce in a matter of months. They also don’t marry for convenience e.g to get status/citizenship.

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Biography - Oprah Winfrey

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    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      Deep Comments Platinum and I totally understand you. I think in finding a partner one needs to include the spiritual element because we don't know hearts of people. It shouldn't be all about status because somewhere along the way - in most cases, that status will change.

      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment.

      Regard, Elena.

    • platinumOwl4 profile image

      platinumOwl4 7 years ago

      Wise women in a higher social-economic arena can often make better decisions. On the other hand they can cause women in the lower social-economic level to make decision that make become to costly. For instance, recently I read some statistics on the amount of single African-American women versus available African-American men. The stats suggest that there are 1million 8 hundred thousand more women than men. Some of the women in these stats claim they can't find the person they are looking for. The problem is a multi-layered one. First they are in a higher financial income bracket than a large number of the men. So, If you have decided it's going to be an African-American man and it is in most cases. How can I say this with certainty,I can base the statements they made. Several of the women had gone out and thought it may happen out side of the so-called race but at the end of the night the date explained it had been nice and in essence said see you around leaving the date mentally paralyzed. My point is independent and lonely is torture for some. Oh! by the way all of these women were jaw dropping gorgeous. Yet unable to find or unwilling to change some of their standards that were fine in their twenties but now in their late thirties is no so important. The previous statement is theirs not mine.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      ** Thanks Success79.

      ** Thanks PineappleMuffin, Glad you liked it. :)

    • PineappleMuffin25 profile image

      PineappleMuffin25 7 years ago from Des Moines

      I really like this :)

    • success79 profile image

      success79 8 years ago

      Wise women approach things from a philosophical perspective also with an analytical approach.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks Helen. I'm learning a lot of hair dressing Tips from you :)

      Cheers Andromiday - I haven't heard about Monica for ages, maybe Hillary has already dealt with her. lol

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 8 years ago

      I must say it's a hub of a wisewoman. Many important points you brought up in this hub.After reading your hub I can imagine what Hilary Clinton always think about Monica Lewnasci.:)

    • Helen Cater profile image

      Helen Cater 8 years ago from UK

      Men can learn a lot from wise women. Nice hub, and may I become wiser by the day.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Cheers Pete, I'd love to see you do a Hub on wise men. It would be a very interesting Hub. :)

      Thanks Tantrum. :)

      Cheers Bingskee, yeah that's true. We fall in love with out heart and then try to get wise later. lol

    • bingskee profile image

      bingskee 8 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      this is a nice hub, Lady_E.

      but sometimes when some women fall in love, they follow the heart and not the mind which is of course, making them not wise. :-)

    • tantrum profile image

      tantrum 8 years ago from Tropic of Capricorn

      Where's that wise woman ? Let me know, and I'll run away as fast as I can ! LOL!!! just kidding.! Nice hub. Cheers !!

    • Pete Maida profile image

      Pete Maida 8 years ago

      Yes those are the things a wise woman should do. In fact wise men can learn from them also.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Aaaah Fiery. You Sweet Pie. :)

      Thanks for stopping by CEN7777 - that's true. :)

    • CEN7777 profile image

      CEN7777 8 years ago

      Wise women are very intelligent, clever and sensible and does not compromise with situations

    • fierycj profile image

      fierycj 8 years ago from The Fiery Heart of Africa

      E, only a wise woman is qualified to talk about this. You're one... :)

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks so much everyone for your kind comments. You are all wise people too because I learn various things from you in your Writing - Positive things that have an impact on me. Much Love, Elena :)

      @ Dohn - Lol. hope you find her.

      @ Philipo - Great idea, but not sure I'm qualified to write a Hub on Wise Men.

    • Philipo profile image

      Philipo 8 years ago from Nigeria

      I love thiis. I am expecting a hub on wise men.

    • profile image

      Nancy's Niche 8 years ago

      Wise women are self-confident. They have a plan, set goals and are selective in all relationships.

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 8 years ago

      Great Hub!

      Lady E you are very wise.

      Wise women respect themselves and should not settle for someone that does not share their same values.


    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      I bet you exhibit all of these DO's, don't you, Lady_E? lol I don't have to ask! You're way better than that! I really enjoyed this...Now it's time for me to find a "wise woman" (but not too wise :D).

    • Mac Mission profile image

      Mac Mission 8 years ago from bangalore

      s your right they are really super models. i like most thanks for the hub.

    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 8 years ago from Southern California

      You are a wise woman. These are some good points, I wish I'd made them. (Smile)! Great hub, more, more, more!