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The Secret Of Prayer In Building Lasting Marriage Life

Updated on April 17, 2016

Prayer is a powerful weapon you can use to maintain stability in your marriage. A house that is built on a solid foundation will never fall. You must make God first in your marriage by committing each day you wake up into God's hands through prayer asking him to help you run the affairs of your home. God is not an author of confusion, and so you will not get confused in running your home; you will be able to know what to do at any particular point in time. Marriage comes with a lot of challenges and you must know that the number one target of the devil is the home. He looks for avenues to destabilize the home and if necessary separate couples.

The devil use people to achieve his aim and don't be surprised that your best friend. Parents, sisters, brothers and in-laws may be the instrument that he will use for this purpose. He may not use a total stranger but someone close to you, the person who knows you’re in and out. When people whom you love and cherish suddenly turn against you without any justification, when your mother-in-law or sister-in-law is becoming unbearable, when your closest friend who should protect your interest becomes the reason for your sorrow, when your colleagues in the office hinder your promotion by working against you, know that it is the devil at work and then rise to pray to save your life and your marriage.

If you cultivate the habit of prayer, especially with your spouse, you will realize how easy it is to have a stable and sweet home. When you know that your enemy is not your mother-in-law, sisters-in-law or brother-in-law or even your husband or wife friends, you will therefore channel your prayer to the right direction in order to get the desired result.

The realization that your enemy from the beginning is the devil and not the people around you and that they are being used by the devil, will make you to be at peace with them. in my little experience in marriage, when I make peace with those that offend me, my wife love for me increases and the more he loves me, the earlier it is for me to convinced her to do whatever I want.

When you sacrifice for others especially your in-laws, your wife will sacrifice herself for your happiness. Do you want your wife to be at your beck and call, when next your mother-in-law come visiting, always make peace with her even when she offends you. it takes the grace of God to do so and that is why you have to always pray for God's grace to be made sufficient for you because the road may be rough.

Another way to attract your wife's love more and more is to always pray for your family. Every wife's loves a prayerful husband. when your wife's see you praying for her promotion, her success and entire well being, and for your children, she will go out of her way to please you. Whatever you ask her to do she will do it to please you. With prayer things that seem impossible will become possible in your marriage. Is your wife so stubborn or too difficult to manage?. Does your wife have habit that influences your marriage negatively, does she have a hot temper or is she the lazy type. What ever habit you don't like in your wife take it to God in prayers.

With God through prayer, your wife can become the woman you want him to be, it is never too late, and God can never be late. Maximize this wonderful opportunity even if your marriage is about crashing. God can still turn around your marriage for good. Even if your marriage is no longer sweet, God can make it sweeter.

Finally, if your marriage is at verge of collapse, if you are tired of being a slave in your marriage, if you have lost all hope, use the weapon of prayer to restore your marriage. There is nothing impossible if you believe. God instituted marriage and he knows how important a woman is to a man, that was why ha said that it is not good for a man to stay alone.

God knows that in order for man to be happy and enjoy his life, he needs a woman to help him; otherwise God would have created Steve instead of Eve. Therefore, take all the problems you are facing in your marriage to God in prayer and he will help you come out triumphant.


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