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What Are Guys Supposed To Do On A Date?

Updated on October 2, 2019

Dating Tips For Him

A black satin bra strap falls down, He gently runs his index finger from her elbow up to her shoulder securing it with a smile. She wanted him to do that anyway. Now it's evident that he's confident and he's communicated that to her effectively. The question is, did he do it on purpose or did it just happen naturally without thought. Was he trying to impress her?

There are a lot of guys out there trying to impress women but, do they actually know what would make a real difference to many of the women they meet. There's a lot of trying and not succeeding at first.The question remains. "What can a guy do to impress a woman when he's just getting to know her?"

If you can walk up to a woman and just start talking and carry the conversation you've got a great start. Women like men who talk. Women like men who and aren't afraid of taking on a new challenge.

It goes without saying, (but I'm saying it anyway): Guys must attend to their look. It's the package all wrapped up. If it doesn't look attractive,a girl won't even notice a guy. At that point you've lost before you've even started. Women like it when their men take care of themselves. It doesn't matter if it's a special scent, or it's just the plain ol' soap a guy uses. Fresh and clean is the way to go.

It's old fashioned but I still think a little chivalry is a must in any dating situation.. There's nothing wrong with being the knight in shining armor. Believe me it's not the tactic most guys use to attract women, but women like it. In their eyes you're strong and powerful in this role.

Along with displaying masculinity having great manners can enhance your attractiveness. You might look or feel like the guy who always does things the rough way and you might in certain situations, but you can attend to things in a relaxed and meticulous manner when necessary.

Along with the positive things when you're on a date there are the negative things that you should avoid too. Here are some of them:

  • Don't talk about your ex-anyone.
  • Don't answer a text or a call.
  • Don't watch TV unless it's a TV date.
  • Don't ask a woman's age, weight, or cup size.
  • Don't pull and tug at your clothing.
  • Don't remove a spot at the table.
  • Don't talk about sports unless she brings it up.
  • Don't put your hands all over her like she's a pet.
  • Don't treat the waiter as a servant.
  • Don't go with a five-o'clock shadow unless it looks sexy.
  • Don't forget to brush your teeth after dinner.
  • Don't get on the dance floor if you haven't danced in forever.
  • Don't get drunk. It's bad for the image.
  • Don't start a party if you run into friends.
  • Don't bring flowers unless you're picking her up.
  • Don't forget to spray the cologne in the air and walk through it.
  • Don't take Viagra if she hasn't asked you to.
  • Don't laugh at something if it's raciest, chauvinistic, or thoughtless.
  • Don't smoke unless your date lights up first

If you really want a positive outcome to your date you may want to take these things into consideration. Good luck.


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