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What is a Friend?

Updated on April 12, 2011

What is a friend?

A Friend ...

* helps a friend reach goals.

* is available whenever needed.

* keeps secrets and promises.

* is not jealous or possessive.

* shares in the friend's joys or sorrows

* comforts and encourages.

* can sacrifice own needs in deference to the friend's.

* respects the friend's independence and individuality.

Why is it so hard to find friend's like that? Often, Friends are envy of us, do not admit to it, they don't except us for who we are or what we like or who we use to spend our life with, our interest's, but yet that friend wants to be your friend! Why we keep a friend like that in our Life? Tyrese Gibson wrote a Book :" How to get out of your own way "? He talks in his book in one of his chapter's about Friends, how they don't want you to go anywhere, or if you keep that friend around, you can't full fill your dreams or goals, these friends hold you back. I had to learn that the hard way, sometimes it is better to let go of that friendship, or make them acquaintance only. Once I watched a TV Show Will Smith wife's Jada Pinkett-Smith said, she had to leave friends behind, and told them: " If you don't jump with me on that train, you see the backlight's ! "

 In the  movie / show  " Sex in the City"  when Carrie the Writer, finally move in with Mr.Big,  she been seen on and off for 10 years and get engaged,  when  she meets with her 3 friends how they were telling her to  be careful and all kind of things, most likely make it sour for Carrie,  when Carrie said to them : " Can you please be happy for me once and  be jealous?"

So do we have real friends?

How to get out of your own way


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