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10 Burning Questions That I Have Dreamed of Asking Princess Kate

Updated on November 2, 2016
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth has been a member of HubPages for five years. He is retired from a 23-year career in the weekly newspaper business.

My topic is simple

The lovely, charming, gorgeous Princess Kate Middleton of Cambridge. She is my topic. Sorry, male readers, I know that you all wanted to lend a keyboard (a play on words) to help me with this piece, but I decided to spare you the tough work of gazing at Kate Middleton with her alluring smile and perfect body appearing in numerous photos and me having to make the tough choice of using just a few.

In the beginning I was ready to throw my hands up. Choosing just the right photos of Princess Kate, wife of Prince William, was one of the toughest jobs I have ever tackled. I would even call it a "burdensome task." But "taking one for the team," (Team HubPages, that is), I buckled down, got tough, put on my "grown man gloves" and plowed through the photos and text and below you will see the results of my labors.

 Kate looking serious at social event
Kate looking serious at social event | Source

So now what?

Easy, friends. Consider my headline that is forthcoming, the opening of an expensive bottle of French wine that has been discovered in an old, abandoned farm house somewhere in France. That's logical. French wine found in a French farm house. The anticipation is just as delicious as your first sip of the reddish nectar poured in an equally-expensive crystal wine glass.

So without anymore delays, I proudly give to you.

Princess Kate shows off her cooking talents
Princess Kate shows off her cooking talents | Source

10 Burning Questions That I Have Dreamed of Asking Princess Kate

Kate looks stunning in red
Kate looks stunning in red | Source
 Princess Kate is  loved by all of the photogs
Princess Kate is loved by all of the photogs | Source
 Kate looking hot in black  mini and knee boots
Kate looking hot in black mini and knee boots | Source
Kate has wardrobe malfunction, but does not affect this girl with super amounts of energy
Kate has wardrobe malfunction, but does not affect this girl with super amounts of energy
Itzhak Perlman worlds finest violionist
Itzhak Perlman worlds finest violionist | Source
Princess Kate looking  lovely as usual
Princess Kate looking lovely as usual | Source

The setting: The restaurant opened by Chef Masa Takayama in 2004 and considered one of the most expensive restaurants in the world, as well as the most expensive restaurant in New York City.

Surroundings: Private dining area. The restaurant's best candles, silverware and flatware on a table covered with the finest, and most expensive silk tablecloth imported from The Phillipines. Princess Kate's hand-picked professional bodyguards are stationed out of sight to give Kate and myself the three hours I have requested with the Princess to dine and then ask her my five burning questions.

To add to the eutopia-like atmosphere, Itzhak Perlman, the world's best violonist, known for his resonant, dark tone quality that immediately distinguishes him from his contemporaries, is softly playing his finest classical works for the violin. Perlman's work comes with a high price, but the Queen of England has graciously agreed to pay him more than he has humbly asked.

I finish my meal. Kate, although she did order the restaurant's finest, most expensive salad made with the world's most exotic produce, only nibbled like a bird, but sipped her wine and glanced up at me ever so often to mesmerize me with her obviously hypnotic smile.

Then I feel my courage reaching an apex and ask Princess Kate Middleton . . .

10.) "Princess Kate, this and the following nine questions, have been burning my soul for years and now I have arranged all of this to ask you these important questions. My first question to you is: After we finish our meal here at this most expensive restaurant in New York, do you want to duck into a local pool hall and shoot a game of "8 ball?" "Kate, for you, the owner said we could use a pool table free for two hours."

9.) "Princess Kate, it should be an absolute sin for anyone to be as beautiful as you and I know you have heard that a thousand times a day, so I will ask you, how can a gorgeous woman such as yourself look so beautiful without any plastic surgery or a ton of Mary Kay make-up?"

8.) "Kate, does Prince William respect you as a woman with a mind or just a sex object or even worse, a trophy princess?"

7.) "Princess Kate, I may be a little out of line here, but do you want to fly with me to a secret place in Alabama and go skinny dipping with me?"

6.) "Princess Kate, would you like to attend a Monster Truck show now going on in Tupelo, Mississippi? Oh, don't worry. I'll pay for both of us."

5.) "Kate, would you like to join my friends and me for a rousing game of two-handed tag football? Oh, you look alright in that silk, mid-thigh dress."

4.) "Princess, if Prince William were ever to be unfaithful to you, can you see you and I having a long-lasting relationship? I can re-learn how to use your dialect and I love horses, so I am ready if William ever cheats on you with a sultry waitress at some of your local pubs."

3."Kate, I don't mean to be boorish, but do you think I look cool in a cowboy hat?"

2.) "Hey, I have an idea, Princess! Why don't you and I hitch-up and head to the bayou country of Louisiana for a night of frog-gigging? Sure you can wear that smooth, silken, mid-thigh dress and even pull off those knee-high boots."

1.) "Princess Kate, be honest. Do you think that I have mental issues?"

Note: when I had asked Kate my last question, she wiped her model-like mouth, halfway smiled, and politely rose from her chair with my assistance. Then Princess Kate turned rude and just walked away without a nod of her pretty head or a soft good-bye.

Ahhh, Princess Kate Middleton. Arguably the world's most beautiful woman. But as she walked away I overheard a strange mumbling from her. I swear I heard her mumble, "idiot! What man would dare want "me" to play that awful game of two-hand tag football! Every civilized soul knows that I am a soccer fan."

Good night, Vardaman, Mississippi, "The Sweet Potato Capital of The World."

Look closely at what Kate is doing

Kate Middleton chows down on a burger, but although it looks like a regular,
affordable burger, it is the most expensive burger served in the restaurant
where she and I dined as I asked her the questions in this hub. Notice also
how gracious she was as she ate this tasty burger made from a non-fat
meat source.

© 2016 Kenneth Avery


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Thank you for your nice remarks.

      Honestly, I would just love to sit and watch Kate eat a ribeye steak or maybe a house salad.

      She does look so stunning in that yellow dress, huh?

      I am not going to lie about it.

    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Thanks first, for your nice comment and sound advice.

      Now for the shocker: For 41 years I have told my better half how beautiful she is; how accomplished she is; how proud I am of her and the list is endless.

      I do not do this to make points, suck up or be cheesy. I vowed to be honest with her and I have been.

      But it, and I am being honest, has been a task for my wife was not raised in a fair environment and her mom did not help build her self-esteem.

      Now my wife is much better. Not thanks to my telling her how beautiful she is, but like you said, for her believing it.

      Thanks again, my friend.

      P.S. and IF I were given the chance to talk to Princess Kate for two hours, I would treat her just like any other lady. I mean, she gives in to nature's calling just like all of us, so why should I worship her?

      But truth is . . .she is gorgeous.

    • yecall profile image


      2 years ago from California

      Hi Ken,

      This is a funny and good article about Princess Kate. Yes, she is so beautiful and everyone loves her. Nice article on a popular person in the media.

    • DreamerMeg profile image


      2 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Lol. Those are extremely burning questions! Why not try asking them of your nearest and dearest as if SHE were the most beautiful woman in the world? You might be surprised by the response. There is an old story, from Africa or maybe China about a woman who was not beautiful. No man was willing to pay the bride price of 3 cows for her, they thought she was ugly. Then a young man came along and offered 7 cows, then took her away to a far village. The narrator eventually travelled to the far village and saw the young woman but now she was beautiful! He asked her what had changed and she said that her husband considered her to be a 7 cow woman and that she now felt that this was her worth. I think it is saying that her beliefs about herself or self esteem had caused the change.


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