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10 Dating Statistics Everyone Should Know

Updated on March 15, 2012

Many people believe in a lot of different things when it comes to love, relationships, and marriages. However, along with the belief people like to have solid facts. There are enough facts about dating in the U.S. that can encourage or disappoint you depending on what you want to hear. So, I will lay them out straight for you to make up your own mind in that regard.

1. Online dating has become one of the most popular ways to discover the life and love that people want. Right now there are over 40 million people on all kinds of dating site services. If, you are searching for the love of your life you may just find it on here.

2. When people are single they only seem to see the couple and how happy they are. However, the reality is, that more than 46 percent of the population of the U.S. is single and searching for the right person. That’s over 100 million people, so the odds of you finding love are incredible.

3. The U.S is very biased to men when it comes to single men vs. single woman. On average for every 80 single men there are approximately 100 single women. The odds are even better in different climates of the country

4. One of the best states to find love in is in New York. It has been reported on the latest government census that 50 percent of women in New York are unmarried. The rate goes up as you head south. The U.S capitol has a 70% unmarried woman population. Even if you live out west in states such as Wisconsin You still have a pretty good chance of finding love with the lowest being around 40% still unmarried.

5. There are many ways to attract single people into your life. The best way is through the use of Flirting or flattery. Being able to compliment someone is one of the best ways to get a response. Another percentage says touching is the next best way to let someone know you are interested. Then of course if you remember the play ground sending a small note to them will also let them know.

6. When you are using an online dating service there, are many things that you can do to increase your response rate. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of photos. The better the photos you have and the more you have of them give people the chance to see what you are like.

7. There are limitations on your first impressions to individuals. Generally men give woman 15 minutes to give the best first impression. If, you are a guy, you get about a half hour to make your first impression to a woman good. Use the time wisely.

8. #1 relationship argument is over money – According to recently polled couples. The biggest argument is always over money. So, if you are out on a first date and not sure who is paying then do not worry it won’t make or break the relationship.

9. With the prevalent online dating scene, it is no wonder that more and more breakups are occurring over email and text. It’s still considered rude and insensitive, but with such easy access to these types of communications no wonder it is happening more and more.

10. The bar is not the best place to find a relationship. Only about 1 percent of men actually find, true love at the end of the bar. It is not a much higher percentage for woman, at around 6 percent. S, plan on trying your luck elsewhere like through friends, neighbors, or online.


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