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The 10 Best Things Single Couples Can Always Enjoy.

Updated on July 28, 2016

Do you think couples with children are happier than couples without them?

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Who says couples without children can’t have fun? The belief that you and your partner must have children in order to enjoy the things of life is simply untrue. So what! Families with children can often take their children to the movies, sports events or on picnics and fun vacations. But this often comes with a lot of drama as well as the demands of childhood. But couples without children can have a more wonderful and adventurous lifestyle than most couple with children. The things you can do are endless. For starters you can:

Get Lost in the World of Books

How about losing yourselves in the world of books? Instead of coming home in the evening fixing dinner for the kids, getting them ready for bed and the next school day, a couple without children can come home, grab a bite to eat, and kick back upon the couch and connect with all kinds of ideas and knowledge. The opportunity to engage in this kind of reading is especially important if you or your partner are enrolled in college. You can read and study without distraction. Couples with kids just the don’t have the freedom to give themselves to the uninterrupted pleasure of reading and learning. Their children are the focus.

Try out the Latest Trends

Have fun investing in the latest trends in fashion and technology. Why not? You don’t have children. You can bring new and exciting things into your life. Be a model of fashion. You can both dress up in matching attire. Distinguish yourselves at work or in your neighborhood. If you become the king or queen of fashion, you will most definitely get plenty of attention as well as inspire others to dress nicer. Friends will both admire you and envy you. But if fashion is not your thing, grab the next gadget. Nearly every other month, some new version of the smartphone, IPod, or notebook computer with hundreds of apps hit the scene. You can play games; take photos or talk to multiply friends at the sometime. So be on the lookout for the latest trends in fashion and technology. One thing for certain, you want be bored long.

Go On a Great Restaurant Search in Your City

Go on a romantic restaurant hunt, especially on weekends when you and your partner don’t have the itch to cook something up. This activity could get interesting. Finding cozy, intriguing restaurants to hop can be a refreshing adventure for two loved birds longing for a fun time. Whether you like Chinese, Greek or Mexican food, there are sure to be a number of quiet, candle lit atmospheres where you and your partner can set and watch your romance continue to blossom . But couple with kids can hardly afford to eat out at fancy eateries. In addition, you will probably not want a romantic setting in such occasions. Because children need constant attention, they take away such fun, adventurous opportunities. I am not saying couples with children can’t have a good time at a restaurant. What I am saying is that it can be stressful and get quite expensive.


Have a Movie Adventure

Hang out at the movies all day long. You can call it holy wood day. Grab a bucket of popcorn and a big giant soda and get lost in the cinematic atmosphere. Watch as many movies as you can! Laugh, cry and yell out loud. Chances are the place want be that crowded in the middle of the day. So you don’t have to worry about children taking their feet and pressing the seat against the backs of you and your partner or running up and down the aisles. Plus there is another bonus: the more you go the more free soda, popcorn and tickets you are likely to win. I and my partner never get tired of these freebies.

Play Cowboys and Girls

Engage in spontaneous intimate games. It’s alright. You both are childless. Be it morning, noon or midnight, lose yourselves in fantasies. Have fun playing cowboys and girls, hide and seek, or some form of hero and heroine. This fun activity simply cannot happen if kids were around. You would have to take a vacation or get away to a nearby hotel; perhaps after taking the kids to grandma's house. So go ahead and appreciate your life without children and the freedom it brings. Couple with children often sacrifice intimate time together for the sake of the children. With the added stress of keeping the children safe and happy, a lot of intimacy goes out of the window. So strengthen intimacy between you and your partner and keep that sexy side alive.


Take an Interesting Class Together

Take a weekend class together at a local college or university. This can be very rewarding. A number of interesting classes such as art, music and photography can dramatically impact your lives and take you both to a whole different level. Such classes allow you to explore as well as do a lot of fun activities. For example, in an art class, you could draw and paint a picture of your partner and he or she could do the same for you. In a music class, you both could learn how to play the guitar or piano. In a photography class, you two could take beautiful pictures of landscape, architecture, special events and people, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Sleep in Late on the Weekends

How about sleeping in late on the weekends? No one rushes into the room to wake you up early in the morning, no sound of cartoons on TV or children wrestling for the cereal bowl. When you are a single couple, you don’t have to worry about such activities. Just the two of you can catch that extra two hours of sleep or pull the covers over your heads and let your imagination run wild. Anything is possible. However, when it comes to couples with children, a weekend day begins like all the other days. You may be literally snatched out of the bed by children you promised to take fishing, sightseeing, to baseball camp or to dance classes. Forget about a having break.

Pack Your Bags for a Long Vacation

Go on a long vacation. Pack your bags and get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern day world. Go to a tropic Island where no one would dare find you two. It could be Hawaii, Cancun Mexico, or the Bahamas. Wherever you go, you don’t have to worry about coming back quickly if something happens to one of the kids because you don’t have any. Enjoy the freedom of being able to relax by the beach all day long under the tropical sun. Often couples with children are mentally glued to what the children are doing or not doing at home. Sometimes a surprising phone call from the children’s babysitter demands an immediate return to the states.


Become an Avid Pet Lover

Pets can be fun. You can walk with them, talk with them and share things with them that others will never know. Pets come in all sizes and shapes. The pet you and your partner chooses could be a dog, cat, bird, hamster, or snake or both. Just don't let one get to close to the other. Nevertheless, enjoy being a pet lover. Pets can become so human-like that they become part of the family, especially dons and cats. I am sure you have known people who spend time walking and having fun with their pets within your community. So if you two are feeling it, look up the closes pet store in your city or town and head straight there. This adventure could become one of the most member-able times of your lives.

Getting Curious About Children! Become a Big Brother or Big Sister

Perhaps the two of you are curious about children. No problem. You can have fun with children without having children of your own. Go to the nearest Big Brother and Big Sister child care agency in your town or city and inquire about spending time with a child or two. According to the Abandoned Children Fund, "there are over 20 million abandoned children in the world today.". These children are hungering for caring adults.Big Brother and Big Sister agencies will allow you to spend as much time with them as possible. Although some may be quite challenging, the reward of being a mentor and helping to transform a child’s life is unmatchable. You and your partner’s connection with a child who is looking for love will live in your hearts forever. Couples who have engaged in mentoring children have experienced the joy of seeing these kids grow up and pursue a positive career in many areas of studies, including teachers, doctors and lawyers.

The above are only a handful of things couples without children can do. There are many others. What every you do, keep in mind that children are special and having them are wonderful, but for whatever reason, children are not for everyone. The bottom line is that life can be lived and enjoyed to the fullest.



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      4 years ago

      Weekend Sneak Peek 19 August 2012 Sneak Peek Ariel and Dan’s wedding was just plain fun to phatgoroph! Here is one photo from their day… Contact

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      a half! I don’t want to sound cliché9 but Ariel and Dan are perfect for each other. During Ariel and Dan’s eennggmeat session last fall, I quickly learned these two just know how to have fun together. I had a blast

    • jabelufiroz profile image


      5 years ago from India

      Useful tips for Couples without Children.


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