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G n G

Updated on March 24, 2011

10 facts guys should know about girls

  1. Too much time can never be enough for a girl.
  2. Never underestimate her by saying “you wouldn't understand”.
  3. Saying that you were busy is like stepping on a hedgehog: p
  4. Girls love to with it!!!
  5. Smarter girls are rigid.
  6. Prettier ones are dumb.
  7. They hate smelly boys.
  8. If you like don’t like her friend she`ll make you like her, n finally when u do she `ll suspect you.
  9. Never call her a retard.
  10. They’re good at sports.

ps: She`ll expect you to do everything :D

11 facts girls should know about guys

  1. Guys are crazy at a girls smile.
  2. Never provoke him.
  3. They hate it when you talk about your other friends…least interested.
  4. They admire their moms.
  5. They often seek advice from a girl, but act on the advice given by a guy.
  6. Guys hate girls who pretend and overreact.
  7. If he really likes you he would never let you go.
  8. They like girls who can cook and bake.
  9. If you want to understand him, listen to him.
  10. They can easily flatter any girl, but the one they really like makes them stammer.
  11. Guys Cry too!


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