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Wedding rings - 10 Facts you don't know about it

Updated on December 10, 2012

1.The custom of given a wedding ring have the origins in Ancient Egypt. After them, Ancient Romans used wedding rings as the last from a series of gifts traditionally given as a betrothal gift .

2.The round shape of a wedding ring is a symbol of eternity because it had no beginning and no end, like time. Also the shape was to be found in forms of Sun and Moon, both worshiped by the ancient Egyptians.

3.Although today it is meant to be a gesture of love and appreciation, in medieval Europe that was part of a contract that was ensured between the two families of the groom and bride that included exchange of various amount of money or some other valuables.

4.The tradition imposes wearing the wedding ring on the right hand because this is the traditional hands for vows. There are however cultures where people wear the ring on the left hand on the third finger because of the belief that there is to be found vena amoris (the vain of love) who is directly connected with the heart.

5.In some parts of India it is custom to use a bichiya (toe ring) instead of a wedding ring.

6.The use of wedding rings for both partners started late 19th century, after a marketing campaign upon request of American jewellery industry in order to increase their revenues. Before, only groom offered a ring to the bride.

7.The most common words engraved on a wedding ring are the names of the grooms.

8.The first recorded diamond wedding ring was given by the King of Germany, Maximilian I to Mary of Burgundy in 1477.

Chopard Blue Diamond Ring

9.The most expensive ring is valued at this time at 16.26 million USD. The Chopard Blue Diamond Ring makes a nice ring to offer to your bride, although a little pricey for my taste.

10.A wedding ring can save your life. In a reported shootout during a robbery a man was saved by his wedding ring which deflected the bullet going straight to his face.


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    • profile image

      Tungstenringstore 2 years ago

      Yes, amazing

    • profile image

      indian 4 years ago

      Toe rings are not used instead of wedding rings, they are an addition to the wedding ring.

    • Catalin79 profile image

      Catalin79 7 years ago from Bucuresti

      Ty for suggestion. Have a good day.

    • Maddie Ruud profile image

      Maddie Ruud 7 years ago from Oakland, CA

      Wow, very interesting! Perhaps, for easier readability, you could number each fact. Nevertheless, fascinating information! Keep the hubs coming!