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10 Great Excuses for Missing Your Relative's or Friend's Wedding.

Updated on February 24, 2013

I dislike weddings. OK, sorry; I'll express that a little bit differently. I really don't like attending weddings.

Generally, I find them boring, tedious, long, melodramatic, with overly self centered brides and grooms, same flowers, same dresses, same ceremony...need I say more?

If by an chance weddings are also not your thing, then let's trade excuses :-) . Here are my best 10... ;-)

  1. The tell it like it is: I changed my mind about coming to your wedding, because I generally do not like attending weddings. ( No Shame in that... Besides, what was that good old saying: 'Honesty is the Best Policy' (?) )
  2. The liar: Oooooh là! I had a serious bout of gastroenteritis; Was up all night ....I feel terrible about missing your wedding. Shit happens...
  3. The humanitarian: I bumped into a distraught three year-old kid who was lost...By the time I was done at the police station...
  4. The victim: My boss phoned on the morning of the wedding to let me know they're letting me go...
  5. The euphoric: I took a pregnancy test and it came out +++ ! What could possibly top that?? Aw shite... Oooooops, the wedding! It totally slipped my mind!
  6. The teetotaller: Drinking at that pre-wedding party was a very bad idea. I never should have! I blacked out, TOTALLY!
  7. The schizoid: I suffer from social anxiety; I just could not bring myself to attend...
  8. The amnesiac: Wedding? What wedding? I seem to have some kind of, yes, it's am-ne-si-a. Must be from the bump on my head...
  9. The schizophrenic: I was abducted by a couple of men in blue. Or were they blue men?
  10. If all else fails, consider settling for number one above ;-)...


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    • Tulai profile image

      Tulai 7 years ago from France

      Hi Nell,

      That's definitely a good one; guaranteed to work. Money or rather lack of it always makes people uncomfy. Who would dare make you sweat over not attending their wedding when you're bold enough to admit to being broke(lol!)

      I'm keeping that one up my sleeve, to be unleashed in the near future ;-).

      Thanks Nell.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 7 years ago from England

      Hi, very funny, my excuse always is, sorry I didn't have the money to get there! ha ha thanks nell

    • Tulai profile image

      Tulai 7 years ago from France

      Thanks gpinheiro :-)

      I am looking forward to learning more about Portugal from you.

    • gpinheiro profile image

      gpinheiro 7 years ago from Portugal

      Hi Tulai

      As always I loved it. I love your writing.

      thank you :-)

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      very very unique hub work thanks